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Tyson Gibbs, Chair

Graduate Faculty: Gibbs, Hartman, Jordan, Naylor, Re Cruz, Wasson.

The Department of Anthropology offers a graduate program leading to the following degree:

In cooperation with the UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth, students may also earn a dual degree in public health with a specialty in health services research.

The Master of Arts with a major in applied anthropology is grounded in the theory and methods of anthropology, and is designed primarily to prepare students for employment outside academia. Students will be prepared to apply anthropological knowledge in private and public sectors, foundations, and businesses in local, regional, and international areas. Knowledge is to be applied to our most compelling social problems and to the operation and administration of agencies charged with addressing these problems. The central goal of the Master of Arts in applied anthropology is to provide the knowledge necessary for its graduates to undertake informed and thoughtful action as street-level practitioners, administrators, agency-based researchers and program evaluators.


Faculty have expertise in organizational anthropology, ethnography of product and technology use, human-computer interaction, video ethnography, race and ethnicity, migration, border studies, medical anthropology and aging, sustainable community issues, transnationalism, gender, Latin America (especially Mexico) and urban centers. Recent and currently funded and unfunded research focuses on leadership and organizational culture in self-managed work teams; African American health-seeking behavior; colonias on the border; Hispanic migrant women in North Texas; volunteer teaching of English in Hispanic communities; integration of Mexican migrants into public policy and urban planning; outreach and educational attainment of Latinos; and prescription drug decision-making. In addition to these funded projects, we house, administer and staff the Applied Cultural Anthropology Research Center (ACARC). The center brings together specialists from a broad spectrum of the university community to provide training and to conduct research to help increase and facilitate multicultural understanding, appreciation, and communication at the local, state, national and international levels. The ACARC works interactively with representatives of government, industry, education, the medical community, and the private sector in Texas and surrounding areas to provide cultural sensitivity training through individual consultation and instructional seminars. The ACARC is involved in interactive research with companies, schools, and service organizations to facilitate problem solving through cultural understanding.

Degree Program Master of Arts with a Major in Applied Anthropology

Admission Requirements

1. The applicant must apply for and be granted admission to the Toulouse School of Graduate Studies and also apply separately to and be accepted by the applied anthropology program.

2. An acceptable score on the aptitude (verbal and analytical) section of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required of all applicants. This score must be submitted before final approval of an application can be given.

3. The applicant must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited U. S. institution or equivalent training at a foreign university.

4. Applicants must have adequate subject preparation in anthropology.

5. Applicants must have a 3.0 overall grade-point average.

6. Applicants must submit a statement of purpose and three letters of reference from persons familiar with their academic record. Exceptions will be made under guidelines established by the faculty.

7. Applicants who lack preparation in anthropology may be considered for admission to the program conditionally, but will be required to correct course work deficiencies. Anthropology faculty will make the determination.

Program Requirements

The MA with a major in applied anthropology program requires satisfactory completion of a minimum of 36 hours of study and research beyond the bachelor's degree.

All master's candidates are required to take 15 core semester credit hours: ANTH 5010 and 5015, Anthropological Thought and Praxis I and II; ANTH 5020, Seminar on Research Methods and Design; ANTH 5040, Ethnographic and Qualitative Methods; and ANTH 5060, Problems and Cases in the Application of Anthropological Knowledge.

In addition, students will be required to take 15 elective semester credit hours, a minimum of six of which must be from outside anthropology. The student's graduate committee must approve the coursework. Suggested elective courses in anthropology may include any of the following: ANTH 5030, Medical Anthropology; ANTH 5200, Seminar in Cultural Anthropology; SOCI 5210, Introduction to Social Statistics; and ANTH 5610, Topics in Sociocultural Anthropology.

All candidates must take 6 hours of supervised practicum and seminar in lieu of thesis: ANTH 5800 and 5810, Applying Anthropology: Practicum I

and II.

Students must establish an advisory committee and prepare a degree plan approved by the committee. The candidate's committee is composed of three faculty members with at least two from anthropology, one of whom serves as the major professor. The advisory committee is appointed before the student prepares the degree plan, and must be approved by the dean of the Toulouse School of Graduate Studies upon recommendation of the student, department chair, and graduate adviser.

Of the required 36 hours for the master's in applied anthropology, 30 hours must be in courses numbered 5000 or above.

Courses of Instruction

All Courses of Instruction are located in one section at the back of this catalog.

Course and Subject Guide

The "Course and Subject Guide," found in the Courses of Instruction section of this book, serves as a table of contents and provides quick access to subject areas and prefixes.

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