GROSE, B. DONALD, Dean of Libraries. BA, Southwest Missouri State University; MA, MSLS, University of Kentucky; PhD, University of Missouri at Columbia.

ANDERSON, STACY, Librarian II. BA, Alma College; , University of Michigan.

ANTONELLI, MONIKA, Librarian IV. BA, Indiana University; MS, MS (Library Science), University of North Texas.

ARNOLD, DONNA, Librarian II. BM, University of Wisconsin; MM, Southern Illinois University; MLS, Texas Woman's University; PhD, University of North Texas.

BARHAM-JOHNSON, REBECCA, Librarian I. MFA, MS (Library Science), University of North Texas.

BRADLEY, LOU ANN, Librarian III. BA, MLS, Texas Woman's University.

BYERLY, GAYLA, Librarian II. BA, MS (Library Science), University of North Texas.

CARLISLE, TARA M., Librarian II. BA, Texas A&M University; MA, MS, University of North Texas.

CLEVELAND, SUSANNAH, Librarian I. BM, Baylor University; MS (Library Science), University of North Texas.

DURIO, MARY L., Librarian II. BA, University of Texas at Arlington; MS (Library Science), University of North Texas.

FARKAS, DOINA, Librarian IV. MLS, Florida State University; MA, University of Bucharest.

GLENN, VALERIE D., Librarian I. BA, University of Maryland; MS (Library Science), University of North Carolina.

GONZALES, EDWARD, Librarian III. BA, University of San Diego; MLS, San Jose State University.

HARDEN, BETTIE JEAN, Librarian III. BA, Emory University; MLS, Syracuse University; MA, PhD, Cornell University.

HARTMAN, CATHY N., Librarian IV BA, MS (Library Science), University of North Texas.

HARTSOCK, RALPH, Librarian IV. BA, Weber State College; MLS, University of Arizona.

HIGHT, PAMIELA, Librarian II. BA, University of Hawaii; MS (Information Science), University of North Texas.

HIMMEL, RICHARD, Librarian III and University Archivist. BA, MA, Texas Tech University; MLS, University of North Texas.

HURT, CECILIA, Librarian II. BA, MA, MS (Information Science), University of North Texas.

JOHNSTON, JUDITH A., Librarian III. BA, MLS, University of Texas at Austin.

JOHNSTON, PAMELA. Librarian I. BS, East Texas State University; MS (Library Science), University of North Texas.

KELLY, MELODY S., Associate Dean of Libraries and Librarian IV. BA, MLS, MA, University of North Texas.

KEMP, LEORA, Librarian III. BA, East Texas State University; MRE, Southern Methodist University; MLS, University of North Texas.

LEVY, JEFFREY, Librarian III. BS, Towson State University; MA, George Washington University; MLS, University of Texas.

LOAFMAN, KATHRYN, Librarian III. BS, Pennsylvania State University; MSLS, Columbia University.

LUCE, CLARICE, Librarian III. BA, MLS, University of North Texas.

MARTIN, J. MORRIS, Librarian IV. BA, MA, University of North Texas; MS, University of Illinois.

MAY, FRANCES, Librarian III. BA, Case-Western Reserve; MS (Library Science), University of North Texas.

McKNIGHT, MARK, Librarian IV. BA, University of Central Arkansas; MA, PhD, Louisiana State University; MS, University of Illinois.

MONAHAN, JO ANN, Librarian III. BA, Northwest Missouri State University; MS (Library Science), University of North Texas.

PARKS, SUSAN, Librarian II. BA, Wichita State University; MLS, Emporia State University.

SASSEN, CATHERINE J., Librarian III. BA, University of Montana; MLS, PhD, University of North Texas.

STINSON-SWITZER, PATRICIA, Librarian IV. BA, MLS, Texas Woman's University.

TARLTON, MARTHA, Librarian III. BS, Texas Woman's University; MLS, University of North Texas.

THOMSETT-SCOTT, BETH C., Librarian II. BS, University of Guelph; MS, University of Manitoba; MLIS, University of Western Ontario.

TRUAX, ELLEN, Librarian I. BBA, MS, MS (Library Science), University of North Texas.

UEMURA, AYA, Librarian I. AA, Mukogawa Women's University; MS (Library Science), University of North Texas.

WENG, ZHIGIN, Librarian I. BS, Tianjin Medical University; MS (Information Science), University of North Texas.

WOODS, GAY, Librarian III. BA, MPA, Cornell University; MLS, Emporia State University.

Emeritus Librarians

Cope, Johnnye L., 1966-1988.

Davis, Iris Anne, 1966-1989.

Evans, Louise, 1939-1981.

Galloway, Margaret E., 1967-1997.

Hogan, Sarah T., 1965-1992.

Mitchell, George D. III, 1968-1997.

Webb, David, 1953-1978.

Dates indicate years at UNT.

Emeritus Faculty

Adkins, Cecil, Music (1963-2000).

Alton, Louise, Music (1958-1980).

Amos, William, Community Service (1981-1995).

Anderson, Hershel, Business Administration (1962-1988).

Anderson, Miles, Arts and Sciences (1950-1992).

Austin, Larry, Music (1978-1996).

Ayer, Hugh, Arts and Sciences (1958-1986).

Bailey, Donald C., Education (1974-1999).

Bardas, Stefan, Music (1954-1980).

Barton, Sam, Arts and Sciences (1938-1973).

Belcher, William F., Arts and Sciences (1950-1985).

Berger, Lorraine, Visual Arts (1964-1995).

Berkeley, Marvin, Business Administration (1973-1998); Dean.

Betti, Claudia, Arts and Sciences (1967-1989).

Black, Watt L., Education (1963-1994).

Bonk, Edward C., Education (1955-1980).

Botkin, Virginia, Music (1958-1995).

Brady, William T., Arts and Sciences (1962-1999).

Breeden, Leon, Music (1959-1981).

Brock, Horace, Business Administration (1959-1992).

Brown, Leon, Music (1946-1983).

Brown, Newel Kay, Music (1970-1991).

Buckalew, Mary, Arts and Sciences (1965-1998).

Carroll, Dewey, Library and Information Sciences (1973-1997); Dean.

Carter, Fairchild, Business Administration (1967-1987).

Caton, Irma, Education (1962-1988).

Christy, George A., Business Administration (1965-1986).

Clogan, Paul, Arts and Sciences (1971-1998).

Cobb, Elsie J., Education (1964-1989).

Cochran, Kendall, Arts and Sciences (1957-1984).

Coda, Bernard, Business Administration (1965-1997).

Colson, Ted, Arts and Sciences (1956-1993).

Combest, Sandi, Arts and Sciences (1966-2001).

Connell, L.F., Arts and Sciences (1937-1975).

Cooke, J.V., Arts and Sciences (1937-1974).

Coomes, Edward J., Arts and Sciences (1963-2000).

Cooper, J. Arthur, Education (1966-1998).

Copeland, Ben, Business Administration (1963-2000).

Corbin, John, Library and Information Sciences (1973-1977, 1987-2000).

Crader, Jeannine, Music (1970-1997).

Cross, C. Jack, Education (1955-1992).

Crowder, Robert, Arts and Sciences (1979-1997).

Culp, Ralph B., Arts and Sciences (1971-1999).

Cummings, Nettie Jo, Arts and Sciences (1948-1968).

Curry, John, Education (1956-1984).

Cveljo, Katherine, Library and Information Sciences (1977-1988).

Dameron, Joseph, Education (1968-1995).

Davidson, James, Arts and Sciences (1954-1981).

Davidson, Martin, Arts and Sciences (1967-1984).

Davis, Addie Nell, Human Resource Management (1951-1981).

DeFoor, Ira T., Education (1949-1984).

DeMaris, E. Joe, Business Administration (1975-1989).

Detrick, Robert, Arts and Sciences (1969-1996).

Dobson, Gerard R., Arts and Sciences (1969-1999).

Duncan, David W., Education (1950-1984).

Eady, Vernon, Education (1951-1979).

Eddy, John Paul, Education (1979-2000).

Escue, R.B., Arts and Sciences (1945-1985).

Evans, Mary, Human Resource Management (1958-1981).

Fink, Ron, Music (1964-2000).

Foster, Bruce, Arts and Sciences (1953-1990).

Friedsam, Hiram J., Community Service (1948-1983); Dean.

Froehlich, Hildegard, Music (1976-2001).

Gaupp, Fannie Belle, Arts and Sciences (1965-1986).

Gibson, O. Lee, Music (1945-1981).

Giese, James William, Business Administration (1966-1985).

Gionet, Arthur, Arts and Sciences (1961-1995).

Glick, Edwin, Arts and Sciences (1970-1995).

Gough, Clarence Ray, Arts and Sciences (1950-1980).

Gough, Georgia Leach, Arts and Sciences (1952-1975).

Griggs, Silas, Arts and Sciences (1967-1987).

Hamilton, Sidney, Arts and Sciences (1936-1973).

Hardin, Robert, Arts and Sciences (1956-1994).

Harrison, Norman, Business Administration (1949-1993).

Haynie, John J., Music (1950-1985).

Healey, Gordon D., Arts and Sciences (1964-1977).

Henderson, Sam, Arts and Sciences (1953-1985).

Hendricks, George D., Arts and Sciences (1951-1978).

Higgins, Wilfred, Arts and Sciences (1962-1982).

Hill, Virginia Calloway, Arts and Sciences (1926-1956).

Hinely, Reginald, Education (1962-2000).

Huffstutler, E.V., Education (1968-1981).

Hughes, Robert, Arts and Sciences (1962-1994).

Ivey, Mel, Music (1990-2000).

Jeffrey, Lloyd N., Arts and Sciences (1955-1983).

Jetton, Johnnie, Arts and Sciences (1960-1996).

Johnson, Charles, Education (1957-1994).

Johnson, James, Jr., Visual Arts (1968-1995).

Johnston, Richard, Arts and Sciences (1968-1984).

Jones, Donald, Business Administration (1961-1983).

Jones, Lois Swan, Arts and Sciences (1972-1992).

Kamp, H. W., Arts and Sciences (1950-1984).

Kennerly, Sarah Law, Library and Information Sciences (1951-1977).

Kester, Stephen A., Arts and Sciences (1967-1994).

King, Barry, Business Administration (1970-1995).

Kirkpatrick, Hugh, Arts and Sciences (1961-1992).

Kobler, Jasper, Arts and Sciences (1964-1997).

Kooker, Earl Winton, Arts and Sciences (1951-1982).

Kuiper, John, Arts and Sciences, (1987-1998).

Kuss, Malena, Music (1976-1999).

LaForte, Robert, Arts and Sciences (1968-2000).

Larson, George, Arts and Sciences (1970-2000).

Latham, William P., Music (1965-1984).

Lee, James Ward, Arts and Sciences (1958-1999).

Lerch, James, Music (1966-1990).

Linebarger, James Morris, Arts and Sciences (1963-1996).

Lomax, Elizabeth, Arts and Sciences (1947-1974).

Lowe, Gale B., Business Administration (1965-1995).

Lucker, William, Community Service (1962-1996); Dean.

Lundsteen, Sara, Education (1977-1999).

Mackey, James, Arts and Sciences (1969-1999).

Mahoney, James H., Education (1956-1982).

Mainous, Frank, Music (1947-1983).

Martin, Charles B., Arts and Sciences (1964-1999).

Martin, Cora, Community Service (1967-1992).

Mason, Zack E., Business Administration (1976-1999).

Mattil, Edward L., Arts and Sciences (1971-1985).

McCain, Jerry, Education (1947-1981).

McCallon, Earl, Education (1965-2000).

McGuire, David Charles, Music (1962-1987).

McKinley, Frank, Music (1940-1980).

Meador, Rowe, Business Administration (1955-1980).

Miller, Clyde, Music (1955-1983).

Miller, Donald, Music (1979-1989).

Miller, James R., Education (1977-1996); Dean.

Miller, Lee W., Arts and Sciences (1948-1983).

Miller, William, Education (1964-1996).

Morris, William, Business Administration (1971-2001).

Newsom, Herman A., Education (1962-1977).

Nichols, Margaret I., Library and Information Sciences (1956-1995).

Nichols, Martha, Arts and Sciences (1964-1997).

Odom, E. Dale, Arts and Sciences (1959-1999).

deOnis, Carlos, Arts and Sciences (1968-1995).

Ottman, Robert, Music (1946-1980).

Owsley, Richard M., Arts and Sciences (1963-1996).

Painter, William, Arts and Sciences (1967-1996).

Papich, George, Music (1967-2000).

Plunkett, John, Education (1956-1984).

Rainbow, Edward, Music (1967-1994).

Redden, David, Arts and Sciences (1958-1985).

Rich, Carroll Y., Arts and Sciences (1959-1995).

Richards, John V., Arts and Sciences (1965-1993).

Richardson, Alan W., Music (1945-1976).

Richardson, Peggy, Education (1970-2001).

Riney, Bobye J., Merchandising and Hospitality Management (1973-1991).

Roach, Archie W., Arts and Sciences (1950-1978).

Robb, George, Education (1967-1989).

Rogers, James L., Arts and Sciences (1953-1996).

Rogers, Robert J., Music (1948-1984).

Sale, Richard B., Arts and Sciences (1965-1995).

Scaggs, Don, Visual Arts (1968-1999).

Schlueter, Edgar A., Arts and Sciences (1960-1984).

Sears, Ray, Arts and Sciences (1967-2001).

Sherman, Robert C., Arts and Sciences (1946-1978).

Shockley, Martin, Arts and Sciences (1950-1974).

Shuemaker, Ira, Visual Arts (1974-2001).

Skinner, Gordon, Arts and Sciences (1964-1992).

Smallwood, J. B., Arts and Sciences (1965-2000).

Smith, Howard, Education (1969-1997); Dean.

Smith, John, Arts and Sciences (1964-1993).

Stephens, Elvis Clay, Business Administration (1963-1999).

Stewart, Kenneth, Arts and Sciences (1961-1999).

Sullivan, Nelson, Business Administration (1947-1982).

Tanner, Fred, Education (1968-1987).

Taylor, Glen, Business Administration (1953-1998).

Thompson, John, Arts and Sciences (1967-1995).

Toulouse, Robert B., Education (1948-1985); Provost.

Truitt, B. Price, Arts and Sciences (1945-1977).

Vance, B. Dwain, Arts and Sciences (1967-1985).

Vaughan, Mack, Arts and Sciences (1965-1984).

Vela, Roland, Arts and Sciences (1965-2000).

Vidrine, Donald, Arts and Sciences (1968-1998).

Wainwright, Clinton, Community Service (1972-1990).

Watson, Hoyt F., Education (1976-1998).

Watson, Jack, Education (1956-1995).

Wenrich, Wesley, Arts and Sciences (1970-1993).

Westmoreland, Reginald, Arts and Sciences (1963-1998).

Whiddon, Henry, Visual Arts (1964-1995).

Wilborn, Bobbie, Education (1971-1995).

William, Morris, Business Administration (1971-2001).

Williams, Grant, Music (1966-1994).

Williams, Ronald, Arts and Sciences (1934-1972).

Williamson, Merrill Delwin, Arts and Sciences (1962-1984).

Winslow, Robert A., Music (1975-1993).

Youngblood, Judy, Visual Arts (1976-1997).

Director Emeritus

Greene, A.C., Center for Texas Studies (1986-1991).

Dates indicate years at UNT.

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