'Fessor Graham Award

Gladys H. Crawford, assistant professor of biological sciences, won the 2001 'Fessor Graham Award, the highest honor bestowed by the student body at UNT. The award recognizes one faculty member each year for outstanding and unselfish service beyond the call of duty to students. It is named for the late Professor Floyd Graham, who taught at UNT for more than 40 years.

James Riddlesperger, Political Science, 1972

Charles Foster, Business, 1973

Leo Estrada, Sociology, 1974

Ben Chappell, Speech Communications, 1975

Milan J. Reban, Political Science, 1976

T. Bullock Hyder, Economics, 1977

Anshel Brusilow, Music, 1978

Umesh C. Banerjee, Biology, 1979

Tommie Collins Lawhon, Education, 1980

Douglas P. Starr, Journalism, 1981

David R. Fitch, Business, 1982

Jerry Lee Yeric, Political Science, 1983

John James Haynie, Music, 1984

Lee Knox, Geography, 1985

J. B. Spalding, Business, 1986

John S. Gossett, Communication and Public Address, 1987

Richard H. Wells, Journalism, 1988

Ernest F. Crystle, Foreign Languages and Literatures, 1989

Dan Haerle, Music, 1990

Valerie D. Martinez, Political Science, 1991

Fred Hamilton, Music, 1992

Kenneth Godwin, Political Science, 1993

Robert S. LaForte, History, 1994

Norris D. Fox, Education, 1995

Ann S. Windle, Education, 1996

Donald E. Chipman, History, 1997

P.R. Chandrasekaran, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law, 1998

Juliet Getty, Merchandising and Hospitality Management, 1999

William T. Waller, Biological Sciences, 2000

Gladys H. Crawford, Biological Sciences, 2001

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