Department of Marketing and Logistics

Main Departmental Office
Business Administration Building, 236
P.O. Box 311396
Denton, TX 76203-1396
(940) 565-3120
Web site:

David Strutton, Chair

Graduate Faculty: Albers-Miller, Chowdhury, Coe, Crawford, Farris, Ganesh, Hasty, McAlister, Newcomer, Paswan, Pelton, Sager, Spears, Strutton, Thompson, Troy, Wittmann.


Research interests of the faculty of the Department of Marketing and Logistics include strategic market planning systems, pricing strategy, retail site selection theory and practice, cross-cultural consumer buying behavior, subcultural influences on buyer behavior, out-shopping, services marketing, decision support systems for marketing, survey research and data analysis issues, sales-force compensation plans and consumer decision making. Other areas are consumer information processing, consumer credit laws and regulations, logistics and supply chain management, telemarketing's impact on promotional effectiveness, governmental marketing, non-store retailing and reverse distribution channels (recycling).

In addition to the UNT Faculty Research Fund, research in the department has been sponsored by American Collegiate Retailing Association, City of University Park, County of Denton, Direct Selling Education Foundation, General Motors Marketing Internship Program, Specialty Chemical Manufacturer, Washington State, Denton Record Chronicle, Denton Independent School District and M/s Kasturi and Sons­India.

Degree Programs

The Department of Marketing and Logistics offers graduate programs leading to the following degrees:

Minimum admission standards are established by the graduate faculty of the College of Business and the marketing and logistics department. Satisfaction of the minimum standards does not guarantee admission to a degree program. The graduate faculty of the marketing and logistics department have established additional requirements specific to the academic programs within the department.

Courses of Instruction

All Courses of Instruction are located in one section at the back of this catalog.

Course and Subject Guide

The "Course and Subject Guide," found in the Courses of Instruction section of this book, serves as a table of contents and provides quick access to subject areas and prefixes.

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