Graduate Catalog

2008-09 Academic Year

University Courses

University Courses, UCRS

The following University Courses are interdisciplinary in nature and are available to students working toward the master's degree with the interdisciplinary major.

5000. Science in Ancient and Modern Times. 3 hours. Seminars, guest lectures and readings addressing major advances in science from a technological, philosophical and historical perspective. Course meets concurrently with UCRS 4000 but requires additional readings, papers and discussions for graduate students. (Meets with UCRS 4000)

5010. Interdisciplinary Seminar. 1-6 hours.

5800. NT DC Internship. 1-6 hours. Provides students with insights into public life, the policy-making process, and governmental agency interaction through supervised work experience in governmental, nonprofit and private sector placements in our nation's capital. Prerequisite(s): Open only to students accepted to the NT DC Cooperative Governmental Internship Program. Application information available from the Student Development Office.

5900. Special Problems. 1-3 hours.

5920. Research Problems in Lieu of Thesis. 3 hours.

5950. Master's Thesis. 3 or 6 hours. To be scheduled by the student who wishes to present a thesis as part of the interdisciplinary degree program.

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