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2008-09 Academic Year

Women’s Studies

Women’s Studies, WMST

2100. Women and Society: An Introduction to Women's Studies. 3 hours. Introduction to the multidisciplinary field of women's studies. Examination of diverse experiences of women and the significance of gender in society and culture, with a focus on factors such as race, class, age and sexual orientation. Satisfies a portion of the Understanding the Human Community requirement of the University Core Curriculum.

2420. Race, Class, Gender and Ethnicity. 3 hours. Social, cultural and economic perspectives on Native, African, Asian and Mexican Americans. Emphasizes work and family patterns for both women and men, racism and sexism and contemporary movements for equality. Satisfies a portion of the Understanding the Human Community requirement of the University Core Curriculum. (Same as SOCI 2010.)

2620. Biological Principles of Women's Health. 3 hours. Fundamental principles of modern biology discussed within the context of women's health. Provides a foundation in biological principles with specific emphasis on topics that address the understanding of women's physiology. Topics include human genetics, metabolism, reproduction, neural organization and sexuality. This is an introductory course; however, successful completion of an introductory course in biology at the high school or college level will be helpful. Satisfies a portion of the Understanding the Human Community requirement of the University Core Curriculum. (Same as BIOL 1024.)

2900. Special Problems. 1-3 hours.

3500. Feminist Foundations: Friedan to the Present. 3 hours. Explores the women's movement in the United States from the 1960s to the present. Issues of gender equity, reproductive rights, economic disparity, work and the family, and political participation are discussed within the contexts of second and third wave feminism.

3520. Psychological Dynamics of Women. 3 hours. Comparison of personality and cultural factors associated with gender. (Same as PYSC 3490.)

3720. Women's Literature. 3 hours. Studies in literature written by or about women. May be repeated for credit as topics vary. (Same as ENGL 3924.)

4100. Feminist Theories and Contemporary Issues. 3 hours. Historical overview, key concepts and vocabulary of feminist theory in social and political contexts. Current and emerging bodies of feminist theory are used to define contemporary issues and debates in feminist terms, and to initiate discussion on wide-ranging social, political and global issues from a variety of feminist perspectives. Prerequisite(s): WMST 2100 or consent of department.

4200. Contemporary Issues in Global Feminisms. 3 hours. Explores a range of contemporary women's issues from a transnational feminist perspective. Includes readings that offer both theoretical and strategic approaches to women's human rights issues, gendered law, cultural difference, legacies of colonialism, religious fundamentalism, economic globalization and women's roles in military conflict.

4240. Latinas In and Out of the Mainstream. 3 hours. Gender and cultural issues related to identity construction of Latinas and Latinos during the past thirty years. Focused primarily on women, issues include those related to gender-coded identity and sexual preference (including pre-Columbian notions of sexuality), machismo and marianismo, and immigration. Demographic patterns of Mexican-American, Puerto Rican and Cuban populations as they relate to the creation of Latinas and Latinos as a cultural denomination.

4260. Topics in Women's Studies. 3 hours. Studies in psychology, sociology, history, literature and other subjects with a focus on either women's issues or the interaction of women and men in society. May be repeated for credit as topics vary.

4460. History of Black Women in America. 3 hours. Historical exploration into the characteristics, cultures and reflective thoughts of black women in America. (Same as HIST 4455.)

4800. Professional Internship. 3 hours. Practical experience through employment under the supervision of the women's studies director and the coordinating professional in a company, organization or agency focusing on women. Partnering entities allow students to learn and execute meaningful women-centered activities. Internships are 20 hours per week and must be arranged in advance of enrollment. Internships are unpaid. Prerequisite(s): 9 hours in women's studies, including WMST 2100; senior status; and consent of director.

4900. Special Problems. 1-3 hours.

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