Undergraduate Catalog

2008-09 Academic Year

Department of Criminal Justice

Main Office
Chilton Hall, Room 265
Mailing address:
1155 Union Circle #305130
Denton, TX 76203-5017
Fax: 940-565-2548

Web site: www.unt.edu/cjus

Peggy Tobolowsky, Chair


Professors Fritsch, Taylor, Tobolowsky. Associate Professors Jackson, Trulson. Assistant Professors Barfield-Cottledge, Blackburn, Choe, Coleman. Lecturers Hueske, Senderson, Stewart. Instructor Trahan.

Programs of Study

The Department of Criminal Justice coordinates and directs the program in the following areas:

Bachelor of Science

Major in Criminal Justice Degree Requirements

Candidates for the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in criminal justice must meet the following requirements.

1. Hours Required and General/College Requirements: A minimum of 120 semester hours, of which 42 must be advanced, and fulfillment of degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree as specified in the General University Requirements in the Academics section of this catalog and the College of Public Affairs and Community Services requirements.

2. Major Requirements: 54 hours, including 48 hours in criminal justice: CJUS 2100, 2600, 3201, 3300, 3400, 3600, 3700, 4200, 4500, 4700, 4901; 15 hours of advanced criminal justice elective courses (which may be used to customize an area of interest); and 6 hours of supporting courses: SOCI 1510 and PSYC 1630.

3. Other Course Requirements: 3 hours of
ENGL 2700 (or its equivalent) and 3 hours of computer skills (selected from LTEC 1100, CSCE 1010, BCIS 2610 or equivalent).

4. Minor: None required.

5. Electives: 23 hours.

6. Other Requirements: All students entering the Criminal Justice program must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 or otherwise be in good academic standing.

Minor in Criminal Justice

A minor requires completion of 18 semester hours in criminal justice, including CJUS 2100, 3201 and 3600, and 9 additional hours of criminal justice courses.

Certificate in Criminalistics

A certificate in criminalistics requires completion of 18 semester hours, including CJUS 3330, 4360, 4390 and BIOL 3331; CJUS 4370 or 4380; and one course from CJUS 4370 or 4380 (whichever was not previously taken) or CJUS 3340 or additional related upper-level course approved by the criminalistics coordinator.

Graduate Degrees

The department offers a degree program leading to the Master of Science with a major in criminal justice. The University of North Texas Toulouse School of Graduate Studies also offers degree programs leading to the Master of Science in inter-disciplinary studies with an emphasis in criminal justice. For complete information, consult the Graduate Catalog.

Courses of Instruction

All Courses of Instruction are located in one section at the back of this catalog.

Course and Subject Guide

The Course and Subject Guide, found in the Courses of Instruction section of this book, serves as a table of contents and provides quick access to subject areas and prefixes.

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