Undergraduate Catalog

2008-09 Academic Year

Honors College

Honors Courses, HNRS

1000. Honors College Seminar: Intellectual Heritage. 1 hour. Explores the intellectual heritage and foundation on which students build as they progress academically. Includes lectures from a variety of disciplinary perspectives; students have opportunities to discuss important intellectual concepts. Prerequisite(s): admission to Honors College.

1100. The Good Society. 3 hours. Human beings form social groups to meet their common needs, such as order and infrastructure. For thousands of years, thoughtful people have asked questions about the nature of these human societies. This course explores questions of ongoing interest and importance, including how good societies deal with poverty, illness, education, environmental issues and criminal behavior. Human rights, biodiversity and war are also considered. Takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of these topics, and seeks to provoke critical thought rather than offer answers.

1500. Introduction to Research: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. 3 hours. Interdisciplinary lecture course on the basic principles of research in physical and life sciences, social sciences, humanities, and the performing arts. In addition to learning to apply basic research methods to a specific research topic, students discuss ethics and values in research, safety issues, intellectual property rights, and funding and publication issues. Prerequisite(s): admission to Honors College.

2900. Special Problems. 13 hours.

3500. Honors Thesis Proposal Development. 3 hours. Students develop a thesis proposal, including identification of a research topic, review of relevant literature and/or theory, formulation of hypotheses or research questions where relevant, addressing ethical and safety issues, developing a research budget, and developing a timeline for the research. Students should identify a thesis advisor in their major before the beginning of the course. Prerequisite(s): admission to Honors College and completion of 12 hours in honors courses.

4000. Honors Capstone Seminar: Global Perspectives. 3 hours. The Capstone Seminar is the final course for students enrolled in the Honors College. Students explore various issues of global importance. Prerequisite(s): good standing in the Honors College and completion of at least 12 semester hours of honors courses.

4100. Honors Colloquium. 3 hours. Interdisciplinary colloquium on various topics of significant interest. Prerequisite(s): acceptance to Honors College and upper-division standing or consent of college. May be repeated for credit as topics vary.

4900. Special Problems. 13 hours.

4951. Honors College Capstone Thesis. 3 hours. Major research project prepared by the student under the supervision of a faculty member and presented in standard thesis format. An oral defense is required of each student for successful completion of the thesis. Prerequisite(s): completion of at least 6 hours in honors courses; completion of at least 12 hours in the major department in which the thesis is prepared; approval of the department chair and the dean of the school or college in which the thesis is prepared; approval of the dean of the Honors College. May be substituted for HNRS 4000.

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