Undergraduate Catalog

2008-09 Academic Year

Teach North Texas, TNTX

Teach North Texas, TNTX

1100. Secondary Teacher Education Preparation I: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching. 1 hour. (1;0;1) Introduction to mathematics, computer sciences and science teaching as a career. Discussions include standards-based lesson design and various teaching and behavior management strategies. Fieldwork consists of planning and teaching four inquiry-based lessons to students in grades 35 in local elementary schools. Prerequisite(s): admission to the Teach North Texas Program; see the Teach North Texas advisor for details.

1200. Secondary Teacher Education Preparation II: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design. 1 hour. (1;0;1) Topics may include routes to teacher certification in mathematics, computer sciences and science teaching; various teaching methods designed to meet instructional goals; learner outcomes. Students develop and teach three inquiry-based lessons in the field in a middle school and participate in peer coaching. Prerequisite(s): TNTX 1100 or consent of Teach North Texas advisor.

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