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Program Options - Key

Degrees, Majors, Concentrations under Majors, Minors, Certifications, Endorsements and Preprofessional Programs

Degree Abbreviations

BAAS - Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

BA - Bachelor of Arts

BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration

BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts

BM - Bachelor of Music

BS - Bachelor of Science

BSBC - Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

BSBIO - Bachelor of Science in Biology

BSCHM - Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

BSECO - Bachelor of Science in Economics

BSET - Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology

BSMTH - Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

BSMT - Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

BSPHY - Bachelor of Science in Physics

BSW - Bachelor of Social Work

MA - Master of Arts

MBA - Master of Business Administration

MEd - Master of Education

MFA - Master of Fine Arts

MJ - Master of Journalism

MM - Master of Music

MMEd - Master of Music Education

MPA - Master of Public Administration

MPH - Master of Public Health

MS - Master of Science

EdD - Doctor of Education

DMA - Doctor of Musical Arts

DO/MPH - Doctor of Osteopathy/Master of Public Health

PhD - Doctor of Philosophy

Other Abbreviations

C - Certification

E - Endorsement

IM - Interdisciplinary Minor

M - Minor

P - Preprofessional Program

X - Concentration under the Major

Note: Degree abbreviations are taken from the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board Inventory of Approved Degree Programs for Texas Public Senior Colleges and Universities and may not match the UNT degree option abbreviations listed in the Schedule of Classes.


Degree programs, majors and concentrations under the majors are approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Only undergraduate-level minors and Preprofessional programs are listed.

* Pending approval and/or review by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

** Students planning to teach in elementary schools must major in interdisciplinary studies in the College of Education. Students planning to teach in secondary schools must earn a major and a degree in the academic discipline in which they plan to teach, and take a minor in secondary education to qualify for a teaching certificate.

*** The university offers preprofessional programs to meet requirements of selected professional schools of medicine, dentistry, nursing, engineering and other fields. The Preprofessional Advisory Committee assists all premedical and pre-dental students with major and minor selection, courses that meet preprofessional requirements, and applications and recommendations to professional schools. (Contact the Office of Student Advising, College of Arts and Sciences.) Students interested in nursing, pharmacy, dental hygiene, podiatry, optometry, chiropractic, all allied health fields, including physicians assistant, physical therapy and occupational therapy, and veterinary medicine should work closely with the academic advisers in the Department of Biological Sciences to determine the courses suggested for admission to each program. Students wishing to pursue a pre-engineering program should consult with the pre-engineering adviser in the Department of Engineering Technology. Students wishing to pursue post-baccalaureate work in seminaries or divinity schools should consult with the chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies. Although the university does not offer a preprofessional program in law, students may consult with the pre-law adviser in the Department of Political Science.

+ Offered only at the Texas Utilities Electric facility at Comanche Peak.

++ Certificate/Endorsement is issued by the Texas Education Agency and is available only at the undergraduate level.

! Certificate/Endorsement is issued by the Texas Education Agency and is available only at the graduate level.

!! Vocational/Technical Certification is issued by the Texas Education Agency.

# Certification is through the State Committee of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology Audiology.

## Certification is through the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists.

· Degrees awarded simultaneously.

·· Special Certificate Program.

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