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Undergraduate Course and Subject Guide

The following is a list of Courses of Instruction, Prefix, Teleregistration Code, and Department or Division with links to course listings:

Accounting ACCT 0310 Accounting

Aerospace Studies AERO 0110 Aerospace Studies

Aging Studies CSAG 0410 Applied Gerontology*

Anthropology ANTH 0480 Anthropology*

Applied Economics AECO 0430 Applied Economics

Applied Technology, Training and Development ATTD 0572 Technology and Cognition

Archaeology ARCH 0139 Geography

Art ART 1210 Visual Arts

Astronomy PHYS 0156 Physics

Behavior Analysis BEHV 0435 Behavior Analysis*

Biochemistry BIOC 0116 Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences BIOL 0114 Biological Sciences

Business - Interdepartmental BUSI 0370 Business Administration

Business Computer Information Systems BCIS 0315 Business Computer Information Systems

Business Education BUED 0512 Teacher Education and Administration

Business Law BLAW 0325 Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law

Chamber Music MUCM 0865 Music

Chemistry CHEM 0118 Chemistry

Child Development EDCD 0518 Counseling, Development and Higher Education

Communication Studies COMM 0119 Communication Studies

Computer Education and Cognitive Systems CECS 0513 Technology and Cognition

Computer Science CSCI 0123 Computer Sciences

Construction Technology CNET 0180 Engineering Technology

Counselor Education EDSS 0510 Counseling, Development and Higher Education

Criminal Justice CJUS 0420 Criminal Justice*

Curriculum and Instruction EDCI 0505 See Graduate Catalog

Dance DANC 0125 Dance and Theatre Arts

Early Childhood Education EDEC 0515 Teacher Education and Administration

Earth Science GEOG 0140 Geography

Economics ECON 0128 Economics

Education, Support Courses EDUC 0555 Teacher Education and Administration

Educational Administration and Supervision EDAD 0585 See Graduate Catalog

Educational Research EDER 0560 See Graduate Catalog

Electronics Technology ELET 0182 Engineering Technology

Elementary Education EDEE 0520 Teacher Education and Administration

Emergency Administration and Planning EADP 0425 Public Administration*

Engineering Technology MSET 0187 See Graduate Catalog (Graduate courses)

English ENGL 0130 English

Finance FINA 0330 Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law

French FREN 0131 Foreign Languages and Literatures

General Technology GNET 0189 Engineering Technology

Geography GEOG 0140 Geography

Geology GEOL 0141 Geography

German GERM 0132 Foreign Languages and Literatures

Great Books Program ENGL/HIST/PHIL Academic Core Programs

Health Promotion HLTH 0540 Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation

Higher Education EDHE 0550 See Graduate Catalog

History HIST 0144 History

Human Development and Family Studies EDHD 0522 See Graduate Catalog

Human Resource Management MGMT 0355 Management

Information Science INFO 0910 See Graduate Catalog

Information Science SLIS 0720 Library and Information Sciences

Insurance INSU 0335 Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law

Journalism JOUR 0148 Journalism

Kinesiology KINE 0575 Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation

Language LANG 0134 Foreign Languages and Literatures

Latin LATI 0135 Foreign Languages and Literatures

Library Science SLIS 0720 Library and Information Sciences

Management MGMT 0350 Management

Management Science MSCI 0320 Business Computer Information Systems

Manufacturing Technology MFET 0186 Engineering Technology

Marketing MKTG 0365 Marketing

Materials Science MTSC 0149 See Graduate Catalog

Mathematics MATH 0150 Mathematics

Mechanical Engineering Technology MDET 0184 Engineering Technology

Merchandising and Hospitality Management SMHM 1110 Merchandising and Hospitality Management

Music Applied General Courses MUAG 0830 Music

Music Applied Private Lessons MUAC 0820 Music(Concentration)

Music Applied Private Lessons (Major) MUAM 0815 Music

Music Applied Private Lessons MUAS 0825 Music(Secondary)

Music Composition MUCP 0835 Music

Music Education MUED 0875 Music

Music Ensembles MUEN 0840 Music

Music Ethnomusicology MUET 0843 Music

Music General Courses MUGC 0810 Music

Music History and Literature and Musicology MUMH 0855 Music

Music Jazz Studies MUJS 0845 Music

Music Laboratories MULB 0850 Music

Music Theory MUTH 0860 Music

Nuclear Technology NUET 0188 Engineering Technology

Occupational Training and Development ATTD 0572 Technology and Cognition

Organizational Behavior MGMT 0360 Management

Philosophy PHIL 0152 Philosophy and Religion Studies

Physical Education (Activity) PHED 0580 Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation

Physics PHYS 0156 Physics

Political Science PSCI 0158 Political Science

Psychology PSYC 0160 Psychology

Public Administration PADM 0455 Public Administration*

Radio/Television/Film RTVF 0161 Radio, Television and Film

Reading EDRE 0525 Teacher Education and Administration

Real Estate REAL 0340 Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law

Recreation and Leisure Studies RECR 0590 Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation

Regional Science GEOG 0140 Geography

Rehabilitation Studies RHAB 0450 Rehabilitation, Social Work and Addictions*

Secondary Education EDSE 0595 Teacher Education and Administration

Social Work SOWK 0470 Rehabilitation, Social Work and Addictions*

Sociology SOCI 0460 Sociology*

Spanish SPAN 0138 Foreign Languages and Literatures

Special Education EDSP 0597 Technology and Cognition

Speech and Hearing Sciences SPHS 0121 Speech and Hearing Sciences

Theatre Arts THEA 0126 Dance and Theatre Arts

Traffic Safety DRED 0535 Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation

University Courses UCRS 0178 Interdisciplinary

* The School of Community Service has filed a reorganization plan with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to change the way academic units are named and organized within the school. This change has been made because of the growth of these academic programs and to make it easier for students to find these units in university publications. Proposed changes submitted are reflected in the School of Community Service section of this catalog.

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