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Robert B. Toulouse School of Graduate Studies

Main Office
Administration Building, 206
P.O. Box 5446
Denton, TX 76203-0446
(940) 565-2383

Rollie R. Schafer, Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Dean

Sandra L. Terrell, Assistant Vice President and Associate Dean

Graduate Degrees Offered

The following graduate degree programs are offered within the various colleges and schools.

College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Biological Sciences

Biochemistry - MS, PhD
Biology - MA, MS, PhD
Environmental Science - MS, PhD
Molecular Biology - MA, MS, PhD

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry - MS, PhD

Department of Communication Studies

Communication Studies - MA, MS

Department of Computer Sciences

Computer Science - MS, PhD

Department of Dance and Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts - MA, MS

Department of Economics

Economics - MA, MS
Economics Research - MS
Labor and Industrial Relations - MS

Department of Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology - MS

Department of English

English - MA, PhD

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

French - MA
Spanish - MA

Department of Geography

Applied Geography - MS

Department of History

History - MA, MS, PhD

Department of Journalism

Journalism - MA, MJ

Department of Materials Science

Materials Science - MS, PhD

Department of Mathematics

Mathematics - MA, MS, PhD

Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies

Philosophy - MA

Department of Physics

Physics - MA, MS, PhD

Department of Political Science

Political Science - MA, MS, PhD

Department of Psychology

Clinical Psychology - MA, MS, PhD
Counseling Psychology - MA, MS, PhD
Experimental Psychology - MA, MS, PhD
Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine - PhD
Industrial Psychology - MA, MS
School Psychology - MA, MS

Department of Radio, Television and Film

Radio/Television/Film - MA, MS

Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences

Audiology - MA, MS
Speech-Language Pathology - MA, MS

College of Business Administration

Department of Accounting

Accounting - MS, PhD

Department of Business Computer Information Systems

Business Computer Information Systems - MBA, PhD
Management Science - MBA, PhD

Department of Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law

Finance - MBA, PhD
Insurance - MBA
Real Estate Analysis - MBA

Department of Management

Administrative Management - MBA
Human Resource Management - MBA, PhD
Organizational Theory and Policy - PhD
Production and Operations Management - MBA, PhD

Department of Marketing

Marketing - MBA, PhD

School of Community Service

Institute of Applied Economics

Applied Economics - MS

Department of Applied Gerontology

Administration of Aging Organizations - MA, MS
Administration of Long-Term Care and Retirement Facilities- MA, MS
Studies in Aging - MA, MS

Department of Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analysis - MS

Department of Public Administration

Public Administration - MPA

Department of Rehabilitation, Social Work and Addictions

Rehabilitation Services - MS

Department of Sociology

Sociology - MA, MS, PhD

College of Education

Department of Counseling, Development and Higher Education

Counseling and Student Services - MS, MEd, PhD
Higher Education - PhD, EdD
Human Development and Family Studies - MS

Department of Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation

Health Promotion - MS
Kinesiology - MS
Recreation and Leisure Studies - MS

Department of Teacher Education and Administration

Business Education - MEd
Curriculum and Instruction - PhD, EdD
Early Childhood Education - MS, MEd, EdD
Educational Administration - MEd, PhD, EdD
Elementary Education - MS, MEd
Elementary School Supervision - MEd
Reading Education - MS, MEd, PhD, EdD
Secondary Education - MS, MEd
Secondary School Supervision - MEd
Special Subject Supervision - MEd

Department of Technology and Cognition

Applied Technology, Training and Development - MS, MEd, PhD, EdD
Computer Education and Cognitive Systems - MS
Education Research - PhD
Special Education - MS, MEd, PhD

School of Library and Information Sciences

Information Science - MS
Library Science - MS

School of Merchandising and Hospitality Management

Hotel and Restaurant Management - MS
Industrial/Technical (Merchandising and Fabric Analytics) - MS

College of Music

Composition - MM, PhD, DMA
Jazz Studies - MM
Music - MA
Music Education - MM, MMEd, PhD
Music Theory - MM, PhD
Musicology - MM, PhD
Performance - MM, DMA

School of Visual Arts

Art - PhD
Art Education - MA, MFA
Art History - MA, MFA
Ceramics - MFA

Communication Design - MFA
Drawing and Painting - MFA
Fashion Design - MFA
Fibers - MFA
Interior Design - MFA
Metalsmithing and Jewelry - MFA
Photography - MFA
Printmaking - MFA
Sculpture - MFA

Toulouse School of Graduate Studies

Center for Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies

Information Science - PhD
Interdisciplinary Studies - MA, MS

Admission to the Toulouse School of Graduate Studies

General admission requirements to the Toulouse School of Graduate Studies, specific admission requirements to graduate degree programs and descriptions of graduate courses are printed in the Graduate Catalog. Please refer to the Graduate Catalog for this information.

An application for admission is included as the last page of the printed version of the Graduate Catalog. Additionally, an application may be requested by writing, calling or faxing your request to:

University of North Texas
Toulouse School of Graduate Studies
Graduate Admissions
P.O. Box 5446
Denton, Texas 76203-0446
Fax: (940) 565-2141

WWW: http://www.tsgs.unt.edu

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