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1997-1998 Graduate Catalog

Change of Catalog Information

This catalog is an official bulletin of the University of North Texas and is intended to provide general information. It contains policies, regulations, procedures and fees in effect as the publication went to press. UNT reserves the right to make changes at any time to reflect current board policies, administrative regulations and procedures, amendments by state law and fee changes. Information provided by this catalog is subject to change without notice and does not constitute a contract between the University of North Texas and a student or an applicant for admission.

Students are responsible for observing the regulations contained herein; therefore, they are urged to read this catalog carefully. This catalog does not contain all university rules, regulations and policies for which a student is responsible. Students also should consult other publications, such as the Student Guidebook, ABCs of Residence Hall Living handbook and specific contracts. This catalog becomes effective with the beginning of the fall semester, 1997.

Toulouse School of Graduate Studies Address

The mailing address for the University of North Texas Toulouse School of Graduate Studies is P.O. Box 305459, Denton, TX 76203-5459; phone (940) 565-2383. (See Information Guide section about contacting other offices.)

Withdrawal of Student for Cause

The university reserves the right to withdraw a student for cause at any time.

Number 97-3, July 1997

University of North Texas Bulletin (USPS 074-840) is published four times a year, once in the month of May, twice in the month of July, and once in the month of September by the University of North Texas, the Office of Public Affairs and Information Services, Administration Building, P.O. Box 311070, Denton, Texas 76203-1070. Periodicals postage paid at Denton, Texas. POSTMASTER: Send changes of address to University of North Texas Bulletin, Office of Admissions, P.O. Box 311277, Denton, Texas 76203-1277.

Non-Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of the University of North Texas not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability (when reasonable accommodations can be made), disabled veteran status or veterans of the Vietnam era status in its educational programs, activities, admissions or employment policies. In addition to complying with federal and state equal opportunity laws and regulations, the university through its diversity policy declares harassment based on individual differences (including sexual orientation) inconsistent with its mission and educational goals.

Direct questions or concerns to the Equal Opportunity Office (940) 565-2456, or the Dean of Students Office (940) 565-2648. TDD access: (800) 735-2989.

Electronic Copies of This Catalog

This catalog may be viewed in electronic form on the Internet. Through the World Wide Web, it can be viewed at For answers to questions or problems with the Internet access to this catalog, please contact the UNT Computing Center Support Services at (940) 565-2324.

Additional Copies of This Catalog

Each enrolled student with a valid ID is eligible to receive one complimentary catalog each year beginning July 1.

Additional copies of the catalog may be purchased for $4 at the UNT Bookstore in UNT's University Union. It also may be purchased by mail by sending a check or money order for $4 made payable to the University of North Texas to:

University of North Texas
UNT Graduate Catalog
P.O. Box 305148
Denton, TX 76203-5148

Allow three to six weeks for delivery. For first-class delivery, add an additional $3 (or an additional $9.00 if outside the contiguous United States) for postage.

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Recent changes in how to reach offices at the University of North Texas:

Area code:

The area code for the Denton area has changed to (940). Most UNT telephone numbers now begin with the (940) area code. Exceptions are Metro numbers and numbers for the UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth. Metro and UNTHSC-FW numbers still begin with the (817) area code.

P.O. Box numbers:

All post office box numbers for UNT were scheduled to change during the summer of 1997. The addresses printed in this catalog reflect information known at the time the book went to press. The new post office box numbers are six-digit numbers; the old box numbers were four- or five-digit numbers. Mail will be forwarded from the old box numbers to the new box numbers for one year.

Zip + four:

The four-digit zip code extension will change along with the new post office box numbers. The last four digits of the box number are used for the extension. Example: The zip code for P.O. Box 311070 is 76203-1070.

Eagle Student Services Center

Located next to the University Union, the new Eagle Student Services Center is a central location for the following offices: Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions, the Registrar, the Bursar and Financial Aid (including the Scholarship Office).


Published by the University of North Texas, Office of Public Affairs and Information Services. Produced jointly through the efforts of:

Office of Prospective Students Kay Selby, Director of Academic Publications; Jane Eden, Senior Editor; Gary A. Fox, Art Director; Jill King, Copy Editor; Rebecca J. Kendall, Graphic Artist II; Brett M. Sackett, Associate Art Director; Betty Tomboulian, Publications Computer Specialist; Lynn Whitby, Academic Publications Editor; Angilee Wilkerson, Photographer; and Student Assistants Jessica Burgess, Farah Fleurima, Jennifer Jackson, Lauren Lindsey, Chris Philpot, Liz Thackwray and Daniel Tripp.

Robert B. Toulouse School of Graduate Studies Sandra Terrell, Associate Dean, and Angelia Blank, Administrative Assistant.

Printer: Custom Printing Company, Owensville, Missouri.

A Note About the Cover:

Cover design by Chris Philpot, Student Assistant, and photo by Angilee Wilkerson, Photographer, both of UNT Public Affairs and Information Services.

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