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Department of Accounting

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Business Administration Building, 215
P.O. Box 311160
Denton, TX 76203-1160
(940) 565-3080

Department of Accounting
P.O. Box 305219
Denton, TX 76203-5219

Student Advising Office
Business Administration Building, 216
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John Ellis Price, Chair

Graduate Faculty: Boley, Boynton, Clay, Coe, Conover, Copeland, Klammer, Koch, Mayper, Merino, Michaelsen, Morris, Neeley, Price, Raman, Wilner, Wu.


The research interests of the faculty of the Department of Accounting are eclectic. Faculty currently are engaged in behavioral, empirical, historical and theoretical research related to a broad range of academic and professional topics.

Current behavioral research efforts focus on application of cognitive models, venture theory and prospect theory to audit techniques, decision models, financial accounting standards, managerial performance evaluation and tax compliance issues. Empirical research is being conducted in the areas of international accounting and taxation for multinational corporations, governmental auditing, and the impact of governmental standards on borrowing costs, oil and gas standards and regulation, pensions, post-employment benefits and audit risk assessment. Historical research focuses on demand for audit services, regulatory legislation and analysis of the role of the professional accountant. Theoretical research is being conducted in the areas of public interest accounting, audit failure, ethical standards and development of expert systems. Research also is being conducted in the professional areas of cash flow, savings and loan problems and capital budgeting.

The Institute of Petroleum Accounting supports a wide variety of faculty research related to the oil and gas industry. The institute publishes the Petroleum Accounting and Financial Management Journal and several faculty members conduct sponsored research to provide solutions for practical accounting and tax problems that emerge in the oil and gas sector. Ongoing research efforts continue in the areas of auditing and accounting standard setting, taxation, and management decision making related to the oil and gas industry. The department also has been a leader in the use of computers in accounting instruction, and several faculty members continue to pioneer research in this area.

The accounting faculty contributes to a wide range of journals and actively participates in national and international conferences. During the last few years, faculty have published in such journals as Accounting Horizons; Accounting, Organizations, and Society; The Accounting Review; Advances in Accounting; Auditing: A Journal of Theory and Practice; Contemporary Accounting Research; CPA Journal; EDP Auditor; Issues in Accounting Education; Journal of Accountancy; Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance; Journal of Accounting and Public Policy; Journal of the American Taxation Association; Journal of Business and Economics; Journal of Information Systems; Petroleum Accounting and Financial Management Journal; Management Accounting; Oil and Gas Quarterly; Public Finance Quarterly; and Research in Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting. Faculty members also have contributed to more than 25 professional and scholarly books and monographs.

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The Department of Accounting offers graduate programs leading to the following degrees:

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