UNT Graduate Catalog
College of Arts and Sciences

Main Office
General Academic Building, 210
P.O. Box 305189
Denton, TX 76203-5189
940) 565-2497

Nora K. Bell, Dean

Jean B. Schaake, Associate Dean
William Kamman, Associate Dean
Kathryn Gould Cullivan, Assistant Dean

Programs of Study

The College of Arts and Sciences, through its disciplines of humanities and arts, social sciences, and science and technology, offers course work leading to the following degrees:

Departments that do not offer a graduate degree have graduate courses that can be taken for a minor at the master's level.

Master's degrees are offered by all academic departments in the college. Among the more specialized master's programs are the master's degree with emphasis in English as a second language offered by the Department of English and a master's degree in speech pathology or audiology offered by the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences.

Doctoral programs in the college typically reflect the areas of academic specialization or focus of the various departments (see individual departmental descriptions in this catalog for specific information). All areas offer challenging programs that provide students with the opportunity to become experts in their chosen fields. A major emphasis in the college is to train graduate students in the fundamentals of research and to prepare them, especially on the doctoral level, to be critical thinkers who can advance human knowledge through research.

The college is composed of the following 20 academic departments.


Innovative research in the arts, humanities and social sciences is under way in such areas as technical writing, regional history, health psychology and applied communication skills. Research programs in the natural sciences, mathematics and technologies cover the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, environmental science, engineering technology and materials characterization. Research initiatives within these fields include molecular biology and biotechnology, neuroscience, applied geography, environmental toxicology, artificial intelligence, computer modeling, environmental health, image processing, organometallic chemistry, laser and accelerator-based physics, materials characterization, manufacturing technology and applications of geographic information systems.


For general information, contact the Toulouse School of Graduate Studies. For specific requirements for graduate degrees, contact the appropriate department chair or graduate adviser.

UNT Undergraduate Catalog College of Arts and Sciences Table of Contents

UNT Graduate Catalog College of Arts and Sciences Table of Contents

UNT Undergraduate Catalog Table of Contents

UNT Graduate Catalog Table of Contents

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