UNT Graduate Catalog
Department of Criminal Justice

Main Office
Chilton Hall, 359
P. O. Box 305130
Denton, TX 76203-5130
(940) 565-2562

Robert W. Taylor, Chair

Graduate Faculty: Enos, Fritsch, Holman, Quinn, Reed, Taylor, Tobolowsky.


Applied research projects and program evaluation studies are conducted by the Department of Criminal Justice. The department's current research programs and interests focus on the evaluation of gang intervention units, the development of information systems in criminal justice agencies, the impact of international and domestic terrorism in the United States, the evaluation of local community policing programs, the impact of juvenile crime and laws on the criminal justice system, the investigation of patterns in homicide victimization, and the effects of substance abuse on crime. In addition, the National Academy for Victim Studies opened in 1995 through a cooperative grant with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). The mission of the academy is to foster continuing education, academic training and research regarding victims of crime and violence. The academy is currently conducting research on multicultural issues of victimization, child victimization and family violence, and the development of national standards for certification for victim service providers.

Major funding sources for these research and evaluation projects are the National Institute of Justice, the Department of Justice (Community Oriented Police Services Office), the National Office for Victims of Crime, the Governor's Office of Criminal Justice for the State of Texas and various other regional, state and local agencies.

Degree Programs

Professionals interested in advancing their careers in law enforcement or corrections and students anticipating careers in these areas should consider the Master of Science with a major in interdisciplinary studies. This program permits great flexibility in meeting the student's specific career interests. (See the Toulouse School of Graduate Studies section in this catalog.)

Courses of Instruction

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