UNT Graduate Catalog
Department of Management

Main Departmental Office
Business Administration Building, 315
P.O. Box 311160
Denton, TX 76203-1160
(940) 565-3140

Lewis A. Taylor III, Chair

Graduate Faculty: Adams, Berkeley, Bimmerle, Boyd, Dsouza, Ebrahimi, Goodwin, Hays, Insley, Johnson, Knotts, Ledgerwood, Miles, Ponthieu, Powell, Rachel, Stephens, Swanson, Taylor, Thibodeaux, Watson, White, Williams.

The aim of the Department of Management is to present a realistic, relevant and thorough view of people working in organizations. The department accomplishes this objective by providing academic programs and career opportunities in the fields of human resource management, production and operations management, and organizational theory and policy.

The faculty, as shown through program design, instruction, research and professional activity, believe that effective managers of organizations require an understanding of theory, research, applications and practice. The Department of Management provides each graduate student with the opportunity to participate fully in this exciting process.

Career opportunities for graduate students completing MBA or PhD programs through the Department of Management are abundant. The demand for managers with broad experience beyond their specialization is met by an MBA in administrative management. Individuals desiring areas of specialization can meet their goals through an MBA in human resource management, or production and operations management.

All of the specialized degree programs are based on sound academic principles and professional accreditation of practitioners. The guidelines offered by the Human Resources Certification Institute, the Society of Human Resource Management, the American Production and Inventory Control Society, the National Association of Purchasing Management and the American Society for Quality Control are used extensively.

Even greater are the career opportunities offered to individuals pursuing a PhD degree. Major fields offered at the doctoral level are human resource management, production and operations management, and organizational theory and policy.

Financial support for faculty and graduate students pursuing research programs and degrees is provided through institutional research funds, grants and corporate contributions. Because of UNT's location adjacent to a major metropolitan area, graduate students have the opportunity to apply for internships and research assistantships with major industrial sponsors.


Research is conducted in three major academic fields offered by the department. Research in the field of human resource management focuses on areas of employment; placement and personnel planning; training and development; health, safety and security; employment and labor relations; organizational behavior; and compensation and benefits.

In the area of production and operations management, research concerns topics such as operations strategy, computer-assisted operations, materials management, total quality management, and capacity and resource planning.

The wide range of topics investigated by faculty in organizational theory and policy include strategic planning, climate, goals formation and ethics. Research also is conducted in organizational communication and international management.

Research in the department is supported by funds from external organizations such as the Professional Development Institute, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the Small Business Administration, as well as by institutional funds.

Library holdings and special collections support a wide range of research activities in management. Two special collections are worthy of note, however. The Business Archives Program offers the preserved records of corporations and business pioneers and leaders who have contributed to the economic growth of Texas and the Southwest. The Arbitration Archive Collection is used by scholars engaged in communication theory research, conflict settlement and expedited arbitration.

Degree Programs

The Department of Management offers graduate programs leading to the following degrees:

Master's Degree

Program admission requirements are the same as for the College of Business Administration.

Course requirements include the MBA breadth courses, a 15-hour professional field and 3 hours of electives.

Doctoral Degree

Program admission requirements are more restrictive than the College of Business Administration.

Contact the Department of Management for specific course requirements.

The support field must be approved by the student's major professor.

Courses of Instruction

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