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Sample Four-Year Degree Plans(.pdf)

Sample Four-Year Degree Plans (html)

College of Arts and Sciences Introduction

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements

Arts and Sciences Core Curriculum

Classic Learning Core Honors

National Student Exchange

Interdisciplinary Majors

Department of Biological Sciences

Institute of Applied Sciences

Department of Chemistry

Department of Communication Studies

Department of Computer Science

Department of Dance and Theatre Arts

Department of Economics

Department of Engineering Technology

Department of English

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Department of Geography

Department of History

Department of Journalism

Department of Materials Science

Department of Mathematics


Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies

Department of Physics

Department of Political Science

Department of Psychology

Department of Radio, Television and Film

Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences

Special Programs

Arts and Sciences Folding Key (#2) for footnotes

Sample Four-Year Degree Plans (pdf)

Sample Four-Year Degree Plans (html)

UNT Graduate and Undergraduate Programs Guide

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UNT Graduate Catalog Table of Contents

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UNT Graduate Catalog Course and Subject Guide

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