Student Life

Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs offers a wide variety of opportunities for academic and personal growth, leadership development, and organizational involvement. Specific offices under the direction of the vice president for student affairs include financial aid, career planning and placement, counseling and testing, dean of students, student legal advisor, international programs, recreational sports, Coliseum/Main Auditorium and Center for Cultural Diversity.

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to the improvement of the quality of life for students and to the enhancement of their competencies as productive citizens. The division advocates responsible behavior, supports learning and promotes the attainment of personal and cultural goals through varied activities. For information, call (940) 5654909.

Commuter and Nontraditional Student Services

The university provides a number of services to commuter students through various offices. Special assistance with problems, liaison for proper referrals and selfhelp materials for offcampus living, day care and other issues are available through a unit of the Dean of Students Office.

Additionally, information concerning area van pools and the UNT car pool service is available during registration each semester for area commuters and Denton residents. The office is located on the fourth level of the University Union in the Student Activities Center.

The University Union provides lounge areas and food service. Contact the University Union Office (940) 5652611 for more information.

Counseling and Testing Center

The center provides confidential, professional psychological services to currently enrolled students. Faculty and staff may be seen on an emergency basis for evaluation. Individual counseling related to personal, social and emotional concerns; vocational counseling for help with selection of a major field of study or career plan; educational counseling; counseling for help with reading, study skills and learning difficulties; and marital and premarital counseling are offered at the center. All individual counseling is limited to eight sessions.

Group counseling is offered at various times in such areas as improving interpersonal skills, overcoming eating disorders and coping with sexual abuse, among others.

Reading and Study Skills Laboratory (RASSL)

The lab (RASSL) offers a variety of programs in such areas as speed reading, vocabulary building, testtaking skills, study skills and tutoring referral.

Center for Career Choice (CCC)

This center contains a wide selection of information about occupations and career opportunities, with career exploration groups offered throughout the year. It also contains SIGI (Systematic Interactive Guidance and Information), a computerized career exploration and information system.

In addition to the vocational interest, aptitude, personality and other tests used in counseling, the center also serves as a national testing center. Information and application forms for various national tests are available in the center's office.

The center is in the University Union, Suite 321, or call (940) 5652741.

Dean of Students

Staff members in the Dean of Students Office are available for general counseling or information and assistance with any phase of campus life. In emergency situations (i.e., death in family), special assistance can be provided for notification of professors, medical withdrawal, etc. The office provides policy interpretation and rights adjustment upon request, handles disciplinary and social adjustment problems, and provides selfdevelopment opportunities and enrichment activities via a number of subunits. For information, call (940) 5652648.

Office of Disability Accommodation

The Office of Disability Accommodation furnishes assistance with registration, scheduling, academic access and certain educational auxiliary aids for students whose disabilities necessitate special accommodations for
equality of educational opportunity. For additional information, call (940) 5654323, TDD access: (940) 5652958, or visit Room 318A in the University Union.

Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office provides several methods of assisting undergraduate students in financing their education. See "Financial Aid" in the Financial Information section of this catalog for additional information.

Intercultural Services

The Office of Intercultural Services works cooperatively with the Dean of Students Office to provide educational, cultural and social programs and activities to enhance intercultural awareness at the university. The office is located in the University Union, Room 319, or call (940) 5652612.

International Studies and Programs

The Office of International Studies and Programs and its constituent units are responsible for providing services to all students who wish to include an international perspective as part of their education or who are citizens of other countries.

The office's Study Abroad Center provides information on UNTsponsored exchange, faculty-led and other study abroad programs. It also gives advice and assistance to graduate students wishing to apply for international graduate study under the Fulbright Program or other exchange programs. Study abroad advisers are available in Kendall Hall, Room 146.

The International Student and Scholar Office for Admissions and Advising (ISSOAA) assists students who are citizens of other countries and provides orientation, immigration and universityrelated advising, as well as student programming. The office also works closely with the Intensive English Language Institute to aid in immigration matters for those international students enrolled in courses providing additional English instruction.

The ISSOAA is in Kendall Hall, Room 171.

International Students Health Insurance Policy

All international students are required to have health insurance before enrolling at the university. Evidence of health insurance coverage must be presented each semester to the International Student and Scholar Office for Admissions and Advising prior to registration. Coverage must be in effect continuously from the time the student initially enrolls at the University of North Texas through all enrollment periods until final separation from the university.

NT Connection

NT Connection is a volunteer organization that links current students, faculty, staff and alumni in an effort to enhance new student success and satisfaction with the University of North Texas. Free tutoring in a variety of subjects, information and guidance with regard to resources, procedures, services and careers may be obtained from the Buddy System, the Volunteer Tutor and Mentor groups. Call (940) 5653553 or write NT Connection, Box 305358, Denton, TX 762035358, for more information.

Placement Service

The university provides a Career Planning and Placement Service (CPPS) that is available to seniors, graduate students and all former students. Every effort is made to assist registered candidates as they seek fulltime employment in education, business, industry, government or service organizations.

The office maintains information on employers, job listings, salaries and supply/demand trends, as well as other aids for the job search.

For students seeking employment in the fields of business, industry, government or service organizations, the best time to register with CPPS is around July 15 prior to graduating the following December, May or August.

Education candidates graduating or earning teacher certification in December should register prior to the fall term. May and August candidates should register prior to the spring term.

It should be noted, however, that there is no deadline for registering with CPPS.

There is no fee for currently enrolled students to register; however, there are nominal mailing fees. A service fee is charged former students.

The Career Planning and Placement Service is located on the third level of the University Union in the Student Services area.

Student Activities Center

The Student Activities Center (SAC) provides leadership training, organization advisement, and official registration for all student organizations at the university. Call (940) 5653807 for information.

Student Employment Services

Student Employment Services, located in the University Union, Room 324, provides a variety of employment opportunities on and off campus to currently enrolled students in order to help them offset their college expenses and develop good work records. For information, call (940) 5652425.

The Student Legal Advisor

The student legal advisor, available on an appointment basis, provides advice and assistance to students with legal concerns of a civil nature. Mediation is available through the UNT Alternative Dispute Resolution Program in collaboration with a public dispute resolution center. Mediation sessions are conducted by trained neutral mediators. The student legal advisor's office is located in Kendall Hall, Room 110, or call (940) 5652614.

Student Activities, Information and Services

Academic Core Programs

The Office of Academic Core Programs is home to three UNT programs: Classic Learning Core Honors (CLC Honors) and National Student Exchange.

CLC Honors is the honors program of the university. Through this program, talented and motivated students may take their core requirements in the honors environment of small classes taught by experienced professors. Admission to CLC Honors is by application. The program is open to all qualified undergraduate students seeking the baccalaureate degree at UNT, regardless of school or major. New, continuing and transfer students are welcome to apply.

National Student Exchange provides UNT students the opportunity to exchange at in-state tuition rates to any of more than 130 public colleges and universities in the U.S., including Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. While on exchange, the student remains enrolled at UNT. Exchanges can be arranged for a semester or an academic year. Students should apply before March 1 for placement during the next academic year.

The CrossFire/Last Lecture Speakers Series offers debates and speeches on issues of current interest and importance. All aspects of programming are handled by a student committee. Student volunteers to serve on the organizing committee are welcome.

For more information on these programs, please refer to "Academic Core Programs" in the College of Arts and Sciences section of this catalog.

Academic and Social Clubs

A wide array of clubs and organizations offer UNT students friendship, relationships with people of similar interests, and avenues for organized and meaningful service.

Eight national honor societies offer recognition to the student who exhibits outstanding academic achievements and campus participation. Numerous national professional societies and departmental clubs offer involvement within the academic disciplines.

The campus has an active Greek system of national Greek letter fraternities and sororities that sponsor such activities as Greek Week, social events and fundraising drives for local charities.

Still other clubs offer a chance to join in activities with people of mutual interests. Almost every interest, from religion to residence hall improvement and from intercultural orientation to gymnastics, has its organized club on campus.

For a complete list of academic, service and social clubs at UNT, contact the Student Activities Center on the fourth level of the University Union (940) 5653807.

Adaptive Computer Laboratory

Any UNT student, faculty or staff member with a valid UNT ID card can use the Adaptive Computer Laboratory facilities. Students registered with UNT's Office of Disability Accommodation (ODA) have preemptive privileges when the laboratory is full or when specific adaptive equipment is needed. Students are encouraged to visit the laboratory early in the semester and become familiar with equipment and services.

The Adaptive Computer Laboratory is located in Chilton Hall, Room 116. Chilton Hall is on the corner of Chestnut and Avenue C across from the Health Center. To contact the Adaptive Computer Laboratory, call (940) 5654750, TDD Access through Relay Texas: (800) 7352989, or write to:

Adaptive Computer Laboratory
P.O. Box 311340
Denton, TX 76203-1340

The laboratory also may be accessed through the Internet at:

Aerie Yearbook

The Aerie is the only official pictorial history of the university. It is distributed each fall and contains photos of students, organization members and candid photos of activities and events. For additional information, contact the Aerie Office on level four of the University Union.

Alumni Association

The UNT Alumni Association's purpose is to enhance the mission of the university through increased alumni participation. The association represents all schools, colleges, students, faculty and staff. An application for membership can be found in the association office or through the UNT homepage at Call (800) UNT-1153 for more information.

Athletic Organizations and Activities

Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports at UNT offer a wide range of opportunities for recreation. Accessible sports facilities include an 18hole golf course, a weighttraining building, ten lighted tennis courts, a swimming pool, two gymnasiums, Fouts Field and the Coliseum.

Facilities in the Coliseum include handball and racquetball courts. The Physical Education Building contains a multipurpose gymnasium, handball/racquetball courts and an indoor aquatics area.

Intercollegiate Athletics Program

The University of North Texas has a strong athletic tradition. The Eagles compete at the NCAA Division 1A level. In 1996, UNT athletic teams joined the Big West Conference. The Big West has claimed National Championships in the sports of men's basketball, women's volleyball, baseball, softball, women's golf and water polo.

UNT currently sponsors men's teams in basketball, crosscountry, football, golf, indoor track and field and outdoor track and field. Women's teams compete in basketball, crosscountry, golf, indoor track and field, outdoor track and field, soccer, tennis and volleyball. A women's swimming and diving program will begin competition in the fall of 1998.

Home football games are played on campus at Fouts Field. The Eagles also play select games at Texas Stadium, home of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys. Both men's and women's basketball games are held at the Coliseum "Super Pit" on campus. Admission to all athletic events is free to students with valid UNT ID cards.

Recreational Sports

The university offers extensive intramural, sport clubs, open recreation and recreational instruction programs to provide students with recreational and competitive opportunities. Any male or female student enrolled for residence credit hours may participate in intramurals through one of three leagues: residence hall, Greek or independent. Team sports are arranged on a roundrobin basis, and individual and dual sports are set up by elimination tournaments, meets and special events. Co-recreational tournaments also are held in many sports activities.

The sport clubs program offers 17 clubs that compete against other colleges and universities in the Texas area. The clubs include Aikido, badminton, baseball, bicycling, billiards, fencing, gymnastics, martial arts, racquetball, rugby, sailing, men's soccer, fast pitch softball, swimming, table tennis, ultimate disc and men's volleyball. A student must be enrolled for at least 6 semester hours to compete as a representative of UNT on a sport club team.

The recreational instruction program offers students exciting activities for a small fee. Aerobic dance, step aerobics, step/slide combo aerobics, water aerobics, body sculpting, and other activities provide the student with a variety of programs from which to choose. A Learn to Swim Program for children of students, faculty and staff also is offered.

The open recreation program in the Physical Education Building offers currently enrolled students, current and retired faculty and staff, dropin activity in basketball, handball, racquetball, swimming and volleyball. A weight room for recreational use is located in the Men's Gymnasium and offers BodyMastersTM equipment, Stairmasters,TM UniversalTM treadmills, free weights and exercise bikes to students, faculty and staff, and their families, who have a valid ID card. For information concerning hours of operation, call the Recreational Sports Office at (940) 5652275.

The Coliseum

The Coliseum is a multipurpose building with accommodations for center arena events (10,705), theater (3,400), banquets (1,100), concerts (8,200), commencement, registration, basketball games, and individual activity including handball and racquetball. For information regarding reservations, contact the Coliseum director at (940) 5652557.

Center for Cultural Diversity

The Center for Cultural Diversity opened on November 3, 1995, to serve all UNT students, faculty and staff. The center's primary purpose is to support and enhance a welcoming environment at UNT which fosters communication across cultures and honors all people. The center addresses the needs of minority groups on campus; however, the overall focus is inclusive.

The center serves as a central resource for a broad spectrum of campus individuals and groups looking for specific information. Staff members collect and make available information of special interest to various groups, including information about internships and scholarships, as well as conferences, exchange programs, guest speakers, workshops and other educational opportunities. Additionally, the center provides and promotes cultural awareness, both on campus and in the broader community.

The center is located in Room 410 of the University Union.

Dining Services

Variety in selections, freedom of choice, an all-you-can-eat policy and selfserve salad bars are features of UNT's residence hall dining service. An open dining policy allows all students and guests access to any dining area continuously from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. with a grill operation open until 9 p.m.

Faculty, staff, students and guests may purchase meals individually or by use of a prepaid ID Plus Card. A 10 percent discount is deducted from the purchase with the use of ID Plus. To access the UNT ID Plus service, a minimum deposit is required in this preapproved account at either the University Union Information Center or the Dining Services Office, Crumley Hall.

Students living off campus may purchase fullservice meal plans in the Dining Services Office at current board rates.

Union Dining Services provides breakfast, lunch and dinner selections during the long semesters, and breakfast and lunch are available during the summer sessions.

Facilities Use Policy

The term facilities describes all structures and open areas on the campus or otherwise under the control of the university. Use of such facilities is governed by the university's "Facilities Use" policy and "OffCampus Speakers" policy. Requests may be made through the Facilities Scheduling Office, Center for Continuing Education and Conference Management at (940) 5652600.

Student organizations wishing to reserve facilities should contact the Student Activities Center, University Union, fourth level (940) 5653807.

Facilities Scheduling

The Facilities Scheduling Office handles reservations for publicuse facilities on campus for faculty and staff organizations as well as for off campus groups wishing to use university facilities. The office is in Chilton Hall, Room 289K.

Fine Arts Series

In addition to recitals, concerts and dramatic productions performed by UNT faculty members and students, the Fine Arts Series, coordinated by a studentfaculty committee, brings to campus music, drama, dance, and art and literary performances presented by nationally prominent artists. The Fine Arts Series offers students valuable opportunities to enhance cultural education. UNT students may receive free tickets to performances by presenting a current UNT ID to the ticket seller, and faculty and staff are admitted at half price. General public tickets are available at the University Union Information Center or at the door for each presentation.

Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council was established in 1968 to assure formal avenues of communication between representatives of the graduate student body and both the dean of the graduate school and the University Graduate Council. It serves as an advisory council to facilitate an interchange of views and information between these groups. Two members of the Graduate Student Council are elected annually to serve as voting members of the University Graduate Council. For additional information, contact the Toulouse School of Graduate Studies.

Health Center

The Student Health Center is equipped with examination and treatment rooms, a clinical laboratory, pharmacy and x-ray. Medical services are available when school is in session to enrolled students paying the medical service fee. No medical care is available between semesters or on official university holidays. For a major emergency, call 911. The Student Health Center operates on an appointment system. Call (940) 565-2333 to make an appointment.

Hours of operation: Clinic Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Saturday Urgent Care Clinic 9 a.m. - noon; Pharmacy Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 6:45 p.m. and Saturday, 9 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.; Summer clinic hours Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The Health Center professional staff includes licensed physicians and nurses; certified lab technologists; certified medical radiological technologists; registered pharmacists; certified health educators; and administrative, business and medical records personnel. Also available are psychiatrists, an allergist, a registered dietitian, a registered massage therapist and a personal fitness trainer.

Office visits to a physician or nurse are free, but charges are assessed for ancillary services and special supplies and treatments. The student may pay with cash, check, ID Plus or credit card, or may open a charge account and pay monthly. Statements will be sent to the parent with the student's written permission.

The Health Center files insurance claims for those patients subscribing to the university- sponsored health insurance plan. Other patients receive information at the time of service to file with their insurance carrier. The Health Center is not a provider on the University employee health insurance plan.

Medical information is confidential and is not released to others without a release signed by the patient. If a parent requests information for a minor, the Health Center is obligated to provide the information.

A full-service pharmacy is located inside the Health Center. Prescriptions from private physicians can be filled at the pharmacy. The pharmacy accepts PCS and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas Prescription Drug Cards with co-payment.

The Health Education Program provides individual health counseling, outreach programs to campus groups and special programs for specific health needs. Contact the Health Education Coordinator at (940) 565-2787 for a complete list of offerings.

A licensed nurse administers allergy injections. Patients must bring their antigen and current orders (date cannot exceed one year) from their allergist. For more information, obtain a current "Allergy Policy" from the Student Health Center.

The Student Health Center recommends that all students have current immunizations for diphtheria, tetanus, rubella, mumps, measles and hepatitis B.

Students who have their medical fees waived are not eligible for Health Center services.

Health Insurance Program

A group student health insurance plan is offered by a nonuniversityaffiliated carrier for students enrolled at UNT. Application forms are available in the Dean of Students Office. It is compulsory for international students on nonimmigrant visas to carry medical and hospitalization insurance. International students are billed with tuition and fees unless they have alternate insurance coverage. Waivers are available in the International Student and Scholar Office for Admissions and Advising, Kendall Hall, Room 171, for students who show proof of alternate insurance coverage.


Traditional homecoming activities offer almost a full week of events sponsored by the Advancement Office, the University Program Council and other campus organizations. Departmental receptions and fraternity and sorority gatherings also provide a welcome to former students, faculty and friends returning to the campus each autumn.

Honors Convocation

At the annual honors convocation, UNT recognizes its outstanding students, including those listed in Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges, and presents departmental student awards. Student awards to outstanding faculty and distinguished alumni also are announced at this convocation. For information, call (940) 5652199.


All unmarried undergraduate students, regardless of age, who have completed fewer than 30 semester hours of university work and who enroll for 9 or more hours are required to reside in university operated residence halls under a contractual room and/or board plan as long as space is available. Exemption may be granted only by the director of housing in accordance with an established policy statement, which is available from the Housing Office.

Residence Halls

The University of North Texas' eight residence halls provide students with a wide range of lifestyles. Traditional, coed and upperclass halls offer a variety of learning opportunities. Some halls are specially modified to accommodate disabled students.

Hall guidelines are set forth in The ABCs of Residence Hall Living and Home Away from Home, which are available in the Housing Office. It is the student's responsibility to become familiar with these regulations.

Residence Hall Contracts

Contracts, available from the Housing Office, must be accompanied by a $75 deposit and a $225 prepayment. Room assignments are made on the basis of the date contracts are received in the Housing Office, and a housing contract binding for the academic year must be signed at the time a student applies for a room. The housing deposit and prepayment are totally refundable until July 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester. Partial refunds can be made between July 2 and August 15 for the fall semester and between December 2 and January 1 for the spring semester. Cancellation after these dates results in forfeiture of deposit and prepayment.

Room and board costs are subject to change by the Board of Regents. A list of current charges is available from the Housing Office. For housing information, write to: Housing Department, University of North Texas, P.O. Box 311310, Denton, TX 762031310.

OffCampus Housing

Students who are not required to live in university housing under the terms of the housing policy may live where they choose. The university does not assume any responsibility in offcampus housing arrangements but does support the federal housing policies that housing owners not discriminate because of race, color, sex, age, disability, veteran status or national origin.

Center for Instructional Services (CIS)

The Center for Instructional Services is a fullservice media production center that serves the faculty, staff and students of UNT. The center features professionalquality audio, graphics, photography and video production. Audiovisual technical engineering, design and repair are available. The center offers instructional design and development for all projects. CIS also distributes a variety of media supplies and materials such as slide trays, 35mm film, video tapes, audio tapes and microcomputer diskettes.

The graphics area produces highquality original art, typography, illustration and design for use on posters, graphs, overhead transparencies, brochures and other types of informational visual aids, and can provide photomechanical transfers, computer designed graphics, laminating and drymounting.

The photography area provides studio, copystand and onlocation slides and prints; develops and prints blackandwhite film; handles processing and duplication of color prints and slides; and makes highcontrast kodaliths or color slides from printed illustrations, typography, graphics and original art.

The audio area features a studio equipped for fourtrack and stereo recording and editing, onlocation recording of campus events and tape duplication.

The video area designs and produces original video programs using single or multicamera programs in a variety of formats. Programs can be videotaped on location or recorded and edited in the video production studio. Editing, duplication and transfer of BETACAM, SVHS and 1/2 VHS formats are available.

The technical services area repairs media hardware, provides consultation about technical specifications and proper hardware use and provides maintenance for audiovisual equipment.

The center is in Chilton Hall, Room 211, or call (940) 5652180.

Organizations Policy

The University of North Texas recognizes the right of any group of students, faculty or staff to form a voluntary organization for purposes not forbidden by the laws of the United States or the state of Texas. All organizations that include enrolled students as members must register each semester with the Student Activities Center if they will use any of the university's facilities, space or grounds for meetings.

Policies regulating the organization, functioning, sponsorship and privileges of registered and recognized organizations are available in the Student Activities Center on the fourth level of the University Union, or call (940) 5653807.

Religious Activities and Organizations

Campus ministries and student centers sponsored by different denominations and the churches of Denton, as well as campus religious organizations, offer opportunities for personal counseling and for social and spiritual involvement. A list of campus religious organizations is available in the Student Activities Center on the fourth level of the University Union, or call (940) 5653807.

Speech and Hearing Center

The University of North Texas Speech and Hearing Center is open during the academic year and offers diagnostic and remediation services to adults and children presenting communication disorders. Specific services provided include audiological tests, hearingaid evaluations and aural rehabilitation programs, as well as evaluations and therapy programs for articulation, language, voice and fluency disorders. The clinical services in speechlanguage pathology and audiology are accredited by the Professional Services Board of the American SpeechLanguageHearing Association.

The Speech and Hearing Center is located in the Speech/Drama Building on campus. Services are free to enrolled students. Fees for services are charged to all others based on a sliding scale according to gross income and number of dependents.

Student Association

The Student Association (SA) was organized in 1976 from a nucleus provided by the former organization, Student Government Association. The goals of SA are to promote the interests and opinions of the student body, to promote projects beneficial to the students and to act as an official voice of the students on matters of policy and student welfare.

Existing Student Association programs include The Eagle's Nest Interorganizational Council, a guide to offcampus housing, the faculty, staff, and student directory, among others. The Student Association offices are on the fourth level of the University Union.

The UNT student can become involved in SA through election or appointment. The president, vice president and a majority of the representatives are elected; executive officers are appointed by the SA president, subject to the approval of the representative assembly. Association meetings are held every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the University Union, Room 411, during the long terms and are open to the public. For more information call (940) 5653850.

University Police

The University Police is primarily concerned with the safety of all members of the university community and the protection of state and personal property.

Located at 902 Avenue E in the Sullivant Visitor Center, the department operates 24 hours a day. University Police officers are licensed by the state of Texas, and they are empowered with the same authority as municipal police officers. The University Police shares an area of jurisdiction with the City of Denton Police Department and is responsible for the enforcement of state and local laws, as well as university rules and regulations. It also offers such services as crime prevention programs, criminal investigation, escort services, shuttle bus transportation, and parking and visitor information.

For more information, contact the University Police at (940) 5653000, or P.O. Box 310948, Denton, TX 762030948.

The University Union

The University Union is the community center for all university students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests. The Union is more than a building; it is also an organization and a program. Together these aspects represent a wellconsidered plan for the community life of the university.

A 500seat theater and meeting and banquet rooms are available for university or community groups. Four food service areas provide specialty foods and full cafeteria service.

The UNT Bookstore, University Post Office and Student Services (Counseling and Testing, Career Planning and Placement, Student Employment, Dean of Students and Cultural Diversity Center) are housed in the Union.

The Union also offers a recreation area, TV viewing, the Art Center (graphics needs, a public fax), entertainment at almost any time of the day and an automatic bank teller machine. Check cashing, updates on activities or programs, tickets to campus events and discount tickets to Metroplex movie theaters and amusement parks are available at the Information Center on the third level near the southwest entrance.

For further information, contact the Union Information Center at (940) 5653805. Contact the Verde! Reservations Office at (940) 5653806 for facilityuse arrangements.

University Program Council

The University Program Council offers a cocurricular learning experience through involvement in student program committees that provide films, travel, outdoor recreation, concerts and dances, arts and lectures, promotion and special events. UPC is part of the University Union and is funded in part by the Union fee paid by students. UPC members welcome suggestions and ideas from all students. Committee membership is open to any interested student. The UPC Office is located on the fourth level of the University Union.

University Writing Center

The University Writing Center provides free tutoring and workshops for students from the freshman through graduate levels. Individualized and group work in areas such as punctuation, grammar, sentence structure and essay writing is provided by experienced tutors, five days and four evenings a week, for 13 weeks during each long term and five weeks during each summer term. The Writing Center also houses the UNT Grammar/Writing Hotline, (940) 5654311. Students, faculty, staff and community members who have questions about any aspect of grammar or writing may call the hotline for an answer Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The primary purpose of the Writing Center is to promote more and better written composition by students at all levels. Students are encouraged to visit the Writing Center, in the Auditorium Building, Room 105, to discuss their writing abilities.

Special Services

Services for the Blind

Appointments with the Commission for the Blind to arrange support services for college students with visual impairments in the North Central Texas area may be made by calling a counselor through the access number (800) 2525204. To be eligible for services, a person must have a visual disability constituting a vocational handicap that can reasonably be expected to be overcome by the services provided. Students may make application to the office in their home community or call the contact number for more information.

Office of Disability Accommodation

An equal opportunity institution, the University of North Texas complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act in making reasonable adjustments in its policies for qualified students with disabilities who wish to participate in its education programs. The Office of Disability Accommodation assists with registration and scheduling and furnishes certain educational auxiliary aids for students whose disabilities necessitate special accommodation. Students requiring special accommodations because of a disability should notify the Office of Disability Accommodation at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the semester of the students' enrollment.

For further information, contact the Office of Disability Accommodation, University Union, Room 318A, or call (940) 5654323, TDD access: (940) 5652958.

Vocational Rehabilitation

The Texas Rehabilitation Commission provides services for qualified individuals with physical, learning or emotional impairments. Examples of these are diabetes, hearing impairment, heart problems, orthopedic problems, dyslexia, arthritis, adjustment disorders and countless other disorders that can create difficulty in successfully mastering collegelevel classroom training.

Services include financial assistance, job placement, counseling and guidance, and physical restoration. Application for services must be made through a representative of the commission.

Students interested in applying for services should contact the office in their home community or contact: Texas Rehabilitation Commission, 1213 North Locust, Clear Creek Office Park, Suite K, Denton, TX 762011213, or call (940) 3831521. The UNT/TWU campus representative may be reached by calling (940) 5652773.

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