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School of Visual Arts Folding Key

1. Offered during fall only.

2. Satisfies University Core Curriculum requirements, crosscultural and global studies.

3. Satisfies University Core Curriculum requirements, visual and performing arts.

4. Art history courses should be taken whenever they are offered. Except for art of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, art history classes are usually taught on a 2-year rotation basis.

5. PHED 1000, Principles and Practices of Health Fitness (2 hours); DANC 1100, Stress
Reduction through Movement (3 hours); PSYC 2580, Health Psychology (3 hours); or SMHM 1450, Principles of Nutrition (3 hours). Two hours (maximum) of wellness courses will count toward degree.

6. Proficiency exam or CSCI 1100, CECS 1100, or BCIS 2610.

7. Proficiency exam or COMM 1010, 1440, or 2040.

8. French or German is required either as the minor or coursework through the sophomore level
because most graduate schools require a knowledge of one of these languages. The art history faculty strongly recommends this as the minor.

9. Choose from the approved list. See "Approved Courses for the University Core Curriculum
1997-98" in the Visual Arts section of this catalog.

10. Three hours from ART 2300, 2310, 3900, 3920, 3950, or 3970. If a 3000 level course is not
chosen, then the Understanding of Ideas and Values requirement must be advanced.

11. Recommended choice from: ART 4807: Advanced Typography, Advanced Graphic Design, or
Advanced Advertising Design.

12. Recommended choice from: ART 4084, Business of Communication Design; or ART 4450,

13. ART 2300, 2310, and 4370 are prerequisites to ART 3000.

14. ART 3161, Fashion Drawing II, or ART 4808, Fashion Design Studio is recommended.

15. Offered during spring only.

16. ART 4450, Internship or ART 3190, Accessories for Fashion is recommended.

17. Students must select 6 advanced hours from requirements marked to reach 42 advanced hours.

18. Crafts courses: ceramics, fibers and metalsmithing/jewelry. Second and third crafts should be chosen from crafts other than student's major.

19. Recommended choice: ART 4070, History of Graphic Design.

20. ART 4450, Professional Internship, is suggested as an elective in the senior year.

21. Printmaking courses: ART 3900, 3920, 3950, 3970, 4610, 4805.

22. ART 4370 is suggested.

23. EDRE 4820 preferred, but EDSE 4060 may substitute.

24. EDEE 3310 and EDSE 3830 may substitute for EDSE 3800 and EDEE 3320 if student prefers secondary field experience.

25. Professional development sequence-minor; cumulative GPA of 2.75 and successful completion
of all parts of TASP required for admission to professional development courses.

26. To reach 42 advanced hours, student should choose 3000 or 4000 level courses.

27. Most art studio courses have prerequisites; check the catalog.

28. Concurrent enrollment in ART 3850 and ART 3855 required.

29. Concurrent enrollment in ART 3860 and ART 3865 required.

30. ART 4650, Advanced Lighting Techniques, is suggested as an elective.

31. Advanced American/Texas History courses may be substituted. See "Supplemental Information for BA with a Major in History" in the College of Arts and Sciences section of this catalog for a list
of approved advanced U.S. History options (Group A).

32. Required composite minor: specified courses from Engineering Technology, Business
Administration and Merchandising and Hospitality Management.

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