Major in Communication Design

Following is one suggested four-year degree plan. Students are encouraged to see an adviser each semester for help with program decisions and enrollment.

BFA with a Major in Communication Design (.pdf)

BFA with a Major in Communication Design

Note: The order of semesters and summer terms has been changed from the print version to accommodate the one-column format of HTML publishing. A conventional Four-Year Plan is available in the .pdf file.


ART 1080, Introduction to Communication Design 3

ART 1200, Art Appreciation 3

ART 1440, Design I 3

ART 1500, Drawing I 3

ENGL 1310, College Writing I 3

Total 15


ART 2080, Communication Design: Typography 3

ART 2082, Communication Design: Color Theory, Rendering and Production Techniques for Advertising 3

ART 2100, Beginning Figure Drawing 3

ART 2350, Art History Survey I2 3

ENGL 2210, World Literature I 3

Total 15


ART 3080, Communication Design: Advertising Design 3

ART 4807, Graphic Design Studio11 or ART 4088, Illustration 3

Laboratory Science9 3-4

Minor17 3

Printmaking or Painting10 3

Total 15-16


ART 4082, Publication Design 3

Art History (advanced)19 3

Free Elective (advanced)12 3

Free Elective or Oral Communication Requirement7 3

Minor (advanced) 3

Total 15


ART 1450, Design II 3

ART 1510, Drawing II 3

ENGL 1320, College Writing II 3

MATH 1100, College Algebra 3

Free Elective or Computer Competency Requirement6 3

Wellness5 2-3

Total 17-18


ART 2084, Communication Design: Graphic Design 3

ART 2360, Art History Survey II3 3

ART 3170, Computer Applications in the Visual Arts 3

ENGL 2220, World Literature II 3

PSCI 1040, American Government 3

Minor 3

Total 18



ART 2650, Black and White Photography I 3

ART 3082, Communication Design: Three-dimensional Graphic Design 3

PSCI 1050, American Government 3

Laboratory Science9 3-4

Minor17 3

Total 15-16


ART 4086, Communication Design: Final Portfolio Preparation 3

Art History (advanced) 3

Free Elective 1-4

Minor (advanced) 3

Understanding of Ideas and Values9,17 3

Total 13-16


HIST 2610, United States History to 186517,31 3

Minor17 3

Total 6


ECON 1110, Principles of Macroeconomics 3

HIST 2620, United States HistorySince 186517,31 3

Total 6

Actual degree plans may vary depending on availability of courses in a given semester.Some courses may require prerequisites not listed. See Visual Arts notes in supplement booklet for footnotes.

Summary of Degree Requirements:

Art: 66

Minor (6 advanced): 18


English 12

History 6

Political Science 6

Wellness 2-3

Economics 3

Mathematics 3

Laboratory Science 6-8

Understanding of Ideas and Values 3

Free Electives (9-12 advanced): 10-13


36 hours of art must be taken at UNT.

42 hours must be advanced; 24 of the 42 must be taken at UNT.

24 of the last 30 hours must be completed at UNT.

Supplemental Information for BFA with a Major in Communication Design

Course Sequence for Communication Design Classes

ART 2080, Communication Design: Typography. Students who have not completed the following prerequisites will be dropped from the course: ART 1200, 1440, 1450, 1500, 1510.

ART 2080, Communication Design: Typography, and ART 2084, Communication Design: Graphic Design, must be taken consecutively; there will be no exceptions.

ART 2082, Communication Design: Color Theory, Rendering and Production Techniques for Advertising, may be taken concurrently with ART 2080, Typography, or ART 2084, Graphic Design. ART 1080, 2080, 2082 and 2084 should be completed prior to the mid-point review, which occurs at the end of 2084.

ART 2084, Communication Design: Graphic Design, will be offered in fall and spring semesters only, not in either summer session. Plan your schedule accordingly.

After passing ART 2084, Communication Design: Graphic Design and the mid-point review, it is recommended that students take courses in this order: ART 3080, 3082, 4082, 4086. ART 4807 or 4088 may be taken any semester after the student has completed ART 2084.

ART 4086, Communication Design: Final Portfolio Preparation, may be taken only upon completion of all other communication design courses. Offered fall and spring only; plan your schedule accordingly. It is strongly recommended that students take ART 4086 during their last semester at UNT.

Portfolio Reviews for Communication Design Majors

Students must pass this review to enroll in advanced communication design courses; those who are unsuccessful are usually required to repeat courses that address weaknesses evident in the work.

Transfer Credit Review

Special arrangements will be made to review the work of students who have completed communication design courses at another institution to determine the appropriate entry level into the UNT program. Such students must have their work reviewed again during their first semester at UNT in order to be admitted to subsequent communication design classes.

Senior Exit Reviews

Senior Review I

At the conclusion of ART 4082, Communication Design: Publication Design, students will present portfolios to faculty, who will help students decide whether they are ready to enter ART 4086, the final portfolio course.

Senior Review II

A final portfolio review is a part of course requirements for ART 4086, Communication Design: Final Portfolio Preparation. Strengths and weaknesses in research, concept, design, typography and overall presentation are evaluated. The successful portfolio must be industry ready. Students unsuccessful in this review are required to repeat ART 4086 and the final portfolio review. Any deficiencies declared by the faculty must be corrected before the portfolio will be approved and a passing grade assigned in the course.


At each review, students will receive a form identifying strengths and weaknesses that faculty observe in the work presented. A record of the student's performance also will be provided to the School of Visual Arts.

Suggested Minors for BFA in Communication Design are:

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