Graduate Catalog

2007-08 Academic Year

Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences

Main Departmental Office
Business Administration Building, 336
P.O. Box 305249
Denton, TX 76203-5249
(940) 565-3110

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Mary C. Jones, Interim Chair

Graduate Faculty: Becker; Evangelopoulos; Guynes, CDP; Jayakumar; Jensen; Jones; Kappelman; Koh; Kulkarni; Kvanli, CQE; Pavur; Peak; Prybutok, CQE, CGA; Richards, CQE; Ryan; Spalding; Spence; Vanecek, CDP, CISA, PE; Vedder; Windsor, CSP.


Faculty in the Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences (ITDS) are pursuing research in areas dealing with computer information systems, decision technologies, information technologies, management science and statistics. Research in the computer information systems and information technologies areas spans the broad spectrum from technical issues to managerial and behavioral issues. Topics currently being investigated by faculty in the department include database systems, distributive systems, networks, fourth-generation languages, decision-support systems, evaluation of psychometric factors in systems design, artificial intelligence, research dealing with information centers, software engineering and end-user computing.

Faculty in decision technologies and management science are engaged in research in the areas of statistics, quality control operations research and operations management. Research topics include analysis of forecasting models, mathematical programming, sampling and the effects of correlation on observations in experimental designs. In addition, a major research emphasis has been placed on statistical quality control and reliability. Research topics also include quantitative models in operations supply chain management.

Research efforts by Business Computer Information Systems (BCIS) and Decision Science (DSCI) faculty are supported by the Information Systems Research Center and the Center for Quality and Productivity.

Degree Programs

The Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences offers graduate programs leading to the following degrees:

The department also supports an interdisciplinary doctorate with a major in information science. See the School of Library and Information Sciences section of this catalog for more information.

Master of Science

Background Requirements

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and admission to the Toulouse School of Graduate Studies are needed for graduate standing. The Master of Science in information technology requires the equivalent of MATH 1190 and the following business courses:

Students may have acquired this background in their undergraduate programs by the completion of courses equivalent in content to UNT’s business foundation requirements for the bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Program Admission Requirements

Major in Information Technologies

For admission into the Master of Science program with a major in information technologies, a student must first meet the admission requirements of the College of Business Administration.

Major in Decision Technologies

Students seeking a Master of Science with a major in decision technologies must satisfy the requirements of the College of Business Administration.

Doctor of Philosophy

Background Requirements

In addition to the College of Business Administration background requirements, the Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences requires that students have a general background in business computer information systems. This background may be acquired through undergraduate programs, professional experience or completion of the following courses offered by the department.

Program Admission Requirements

For admission into the Doctor of Philosophy program with a major in business computer information systems, a student must first meet the admission requirements of the College of Business Administration.

Courses of Instruction

All Courses of Instruction are located in one section at the back of this catalog.

Course and Subject Guide

The “Course and Subject Guide,” found in the Courses of Instruction section of this book, serves as a table of contents and provides quick access to subject areas and prefixes.

Graduate Admissions

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