Graduate Catalog

2007-08 Academic Year

Women’s Studies Courses

Women’s Studies, WMST

5800. Seminar in Women’s Studies. 3 hours. Interdisciplinary study of a major topic focusing on women’s issues, feminism, and/or the women’s movement. Seminar extends the scope of course offerings in specific disciplines. May be repeated for credit as topics vary. Prerequisite(s): consent of program director.

5850. Professional Internship. 3 hours. Practical experience through employment in a company, organization or agency primarily serving women. Objectives and duties of the internship to be formulated by the student, the women’s studies director and the partnering entity. Formal application process must be completed and approved in advance of enrollment. Internships are 20 hours per week and are unpaid. Prerequisite(s): 12 credit hours in women’s studies; consent of program director.

5900. Special Problems. 1–3 hours. Supervised individual or small group study of special problems or topics not otherwise covered by regular offerings.

6900. Special Problems. 1–3 hours. Course open to graduate students doing independent research. Prerequisite(s): consent of program director.

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