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2008-09 Academic Year

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University Courses, UCRS

2100. Career Development. 1 hour. Course assists undecided majors and others who wish to clarify their career goals in exploring their interests, abilities and values, and in relating these to academic, personal and career choices. Pass/no pass only.

2900. Special Problems. 1–3 hours.

3150. Introduction to Research and Other Scholarly Activities. 2 hours. Basics of research and scholarship, to include critical thinking, elements of research, design, ethics, technical writing, computer technology, publication, application and professional presentation. Prerequisite(s): junior standing and admission to Ronald E. McNair Program. May be repeated for credit. Offered summer term only.

4000. Science in Ancient and Modern Times. 3 hours. Seminars, guest lecturers and readings addressing major advances in science from a technological, philosophical and historical prospective. (Meets with UCRS 5000.)

4200. Seminar in International Studies. 3 hours. (0;0;3) Seminar for advanced undergraduate students in any major; integration of elements of general education with students’ major by examining the international dimensions of major field and how they relate to the entire undergraduate experience. Prerequisite(s): senior and/or consent of department.

4800. NT DC Internship. 1–6 hours. Practical experience in the American political process, learning how various Washington, D.C., entities formulate public policy and how other governmental agencies interact with the process. Provides students with insights into public life and the policy-making process by working in governmental, non-profit and private sector internship placements in our nation’s capital. Prerequisite(s): open to students accepted to the NT DC Cooperative Governmental Internship Program; application information available from the Student Development office.

4900. Special Problems. 1–21 hours.

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